Adoptive Family Randy and Hannah
Words do not seem adequate. They do not seem enough, to express how much we already admire you. We do not know your situation or the trials and tribulations you may be facing, but we do know that profound selfless love for your unborn child has led you to consider adoption.

We are Hannah and Randy. We met online eight years ago and have been married for almost seven years. We feel blessed to have found each other, even though we grew up in the same metropolitan area our paths would not have crossed on their own. Our marriage is Christ centered, filled with laughter, support, and adventure.

Like many couples we struggled with infertility. We now know wholeheartedly that God had a special plan for us. We were meant to grow our family through adoption. Becoming parents for the first time through the gift of adoption was such a wonderful blessing. We are ready and eager to welcome a second child into our family.

We are honored to be considered as potential parents for your baby. We promise to provide a home filled with love and laughter, and we promise to share openly with your child their adoption story. Adoption is such a beautiful gift; it's a story to be proud of. We are certainly open to sending photos and letters. Hannah loves taking pictures so we guarantee there will not be a shortage!

We are so excited to expand our family and cannot wait for Nora to have a sibling. Experiencing the world through the eyes of a child brings us happiness daily. We are most excited about sharing the little things, like reading bedtime stories, the refrigerator being covered in artwork and the excitement of Christmas morning. A child in our home will be encouraged and supported to explore their interests and talents. They will have our unconditional love always. We will provide education and guidance in all forms, most importantly teaching respect, kindness and a strong work ethic through our words and actions.

Randy is an elementary school teacher by trade. So many of the characteristics that make him a wonderful teacher, also make him a fabulous dad; he is a great listener, full of patience, and is fun! He even enjoys kid things like comics, cartoons, Star Wars, and video games. When Nora was eight months old, Randy transitioned into his current role of a stay-at-home dad. He cherishes his time with Nora. They enjoy going to the park, reading books, play dates with Nora's cousin Lila, swimming lessons and music class.

Hannah works in the accounting field and truly enjoys her career. The role she cherishes most in life is that of being a mom. In her free time she enjoys spending time together as a family, taking our dog for morning walks, cooking, and taking pictures. She also enjoys kayaking at the cabin, hiking, and spending time in the garden. She is cheerful, loving, and has a great sense of humor. She possesses so many wonderful characteristics that make her a great mom.

We are a very active family and young at heart. We love to travel, explore new places and experience different cultures. We cannot wait to include another child in all of our adventures. We imagine your child being best buddies with our daughter Nora and our dog, learning to swim at the cabin and being spoiled by grandparents. Our family and friends are so supportive and cannot wait for us to adopt again.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We hope this letter has given you a glimpse into who we are and what we have to offer your baby.

With love,

Randy and Hannah

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