Adoptive Family Scott  and Sue
We are incredibly grateful that you have taken the time to learn a little bit about us and our lives together. Thank you for being so brave and selfless to consider adoption as an opportunity for your child.

We met 9 years ago while working in Dubai and have been married now for 2 years. We were married in Thailand, surrounded by our children, friends and family from all over the world. We are best friends as well as partners in marriage, business and parenting. We have a strong and loving marriage, a life full of laughter, love and adventure. We share a love of the outdoors, live music, exercise and spending quality time with our families.

After a successful career as a General Manager of major Waterparks around the world, Scott now runs our safety training company, focusing on his passion for aquatic safety and training teams of lifeguards around the world to save lives. An incredibly rewarding career, working with many multicultural clients and team members. Sue runs an event consultancy, managing events for clients around the world and runs the commercial side of our training organization. As we own our own businesses, we are very lucky that we can work from home and can work part-time, when and where we want to, and we can fit our work schedule around our family lives, rather than the other way around.

We have two wonderful children from Scott's first marriage who are fun, bright, healthy and happy teenagers. They are as excited as us about the prospect of adding a younger brother or sister into our loving family and they can't wait to meet him or her.

We strongly feel in our hearts that adopting a child into our family is the right way for us to be parents together for the first time, and to enjoy together all the love, laughter, fun and of course the challenges that come with raising a child.

We want to give our child amazing opportunities, the chance to find out who they are and take part in the life experiences that they are interested in. We want to help our children develop their passions and talents and to be there to support them at every game, recital, match, recording and challenge!

We love to travel all over the world and are very lucky that our occupations allow us to work from anywhere. We travel regularly with our children, and feel that by giving them this opportunity to explore the world and to immerse themselves in other cultures, that they are growing into amazing, open-minded, culturally sensitive global citizens.

We know that raising a child is a huge responsibility as well as an amazing honor, and it is a decision and commitment that we take very seriously. We are humbled by the decision you are considering for the future for your child. We make a promise to you that we will raise your child with love, in a happy and safe home and will regularly share his or her life experiences with you through letters, photos, emails and mementos. We are also open to arranging visits when the time is right for everyone and to ensuring that your child always knows what a hard decision you have made and how much you love them.

We do know that we are incredibly lucky to have found each other and have experienced some amazing things through our life, work and time with our children. However, adding another child to our family and raising a son or daughter together will be the best thing we will ever experience.

On behalf of ourselves and other families that you are considering as parents for your child, we thank you with all our hearts.

Scott and Sue

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