Adoptive Family Alex and Kathy
Our hearts go out to you during what may be a very stressful time. We had initially thought we could have our own child, but over time we realized that it wasn't going to happen and we started to see other people going through the same thing. We think it's important for everyone in the adoption process to understand that they are not alone. There are so many others experiencing the same thing and who can help guide us through this if we are willing to be open to this. Years from now, we all may be sharing our experiences with others going through the same thing again, and we'll all be in a position to help that we couldn't have imagined 3 months ago. We have likely all grieved losses along this journey, but here is a new corner turned - what brings us together is an amazing opportunity to bring sunlight to all of our lives and, most importantly, to this new child.

We have just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary so we are comfortable with one another and secure in where we are going. We can talk to each other about any concerns we have, although, since we so often agree, that there hasn't been much need to compromise or work out conflicts. Alex is a middle school teacher and Kathy coaches high school sports. We both love working with children and have already chosen to spend our lives doing so, but having a child of our own that we can share our daily lives with would complete our family.

We have lots of fun hobbies we try to keep up with. Kathy likes to garden and has transformed the backyard into a beautiful garden with a small grassy lawn and flowers and small trees. There are butterflies and hummingbirds and birds singing in the trees outside our back fence. We love to sit outside and enjoy one another's company. Kathy also likes to quilt. She is currently working on a quilt to be donated to the school where she works for the athletic department fundraiser. In her free time, she likes being active - hiking or playing soccer. We are both musical. Kathy plays piano and guitar and enjoys writing music. Alex also plays guitar and writes music. We have a small music studio in the basement where we can practice without waking up the neighbors!

Our families live nearby, and since we have both lived in the area most of our lives, we have friends and connections around that are excited for us to adopt a child. The grandmothers are ready and waiting to do their part spoiling a grandchild! Every day we hope to bring another experience for the child, whether it just start as a stroller walk around the block, or visiting a new playground, meeting another child, petting a dog ... We can't wait to share each of these little moments and help someone grow into a beautiful young adult.

You've come here, and read this far, because you love your child already and want to be sure that you are making the best choice possible. We promise to do our absolute best to teach our child to be caring, to love learning, and to appreciate all of life's tiny beautiful moments. We will be glad to exchange emails and photos and as we communicate over time, may be open to further contact. Adoption is new for us and probably for you too - we'll go through this journey together and learn how it works!

Alex and Kathy

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