Adoptive Family William and Amy

We are very grateful that you are taking the time to get to know us. We know this has been a very difficult decision for you and want you to be confident in us as parents. We will gladly share anything you would like to know about us and we look forward to learning more about you.

We met each other in 2004 while on active duty in the United States Navy. We started as shipmates and ended up falling in love with one another. We have been married for seven years and been together for twelve. Shortly after we were married we started trying to begin our family. We had unfortunate luck and within a year we were stationed across the world from each other. When we finally lived under the same roof again we continued to try and eventually learned that we would probably never conceive our own child. We were devastated. From that moment we started talking about adoption. However, the military continued to complicate things geographically for us so we started preparing for the future. William got out of the U.S. Navy in 2011 and Amy finally retired in the end of 2014. Everything we have done since then has been for our adopted son Jaxon and your child.

Your child will grow up in a very safe, comfortable, and loving home. Amy is a stay-at-home mother and will be there for your child around the clock just like our son. William has a very good job with excellent benefits and a flexible schedule. We promise to provide your child with everything he or she may need, love them unconditionally, and share your story of love. We will send photos and share your child’s journey through life. We plan to adopt more children in the future so your child will grow up with siblings who will share similar stories of adoption. They will have four cousins who live three blocks away and will be a part of their daily lives. Our family is just as excited as we are and continue to wait for the new addition!

Our son Jaxon loves being with his four cousins, he absolutely enjoys the madness! His daily interactions with them have really helped him blossom. He loves to play ball, swim in the pool, chase the dogs, climb on the playground, and just about any other type of group activity. He is completely comfortable around other children and would absolutely love having a sibling to interact with all the time. He may not be able to say it but having a little brother or sister is definitely something he will absolutely love!

Our family is very tight knit and is the only thing that truly matters to us. We have learned through our experiences in life that most people strive for material items that cannot be taken with you in the end. The only thing that you can take with you to the next stop is love and memories. We have no ambition to pursue positions of social status, politics, or greed. Completing our family is our one and only dream! We tell you this because we believe that it is important for you to know what our priorities and motives are, so that you may know that your child will always be number one.

p>Our hearts go out to you, one thing we know about you is that you are very loving and unselfish. Adoption is the gift of life and we are extremely touched that you are considering us as prospective parents. There is not a day that goes by we can’t wait for your child to be in our lives. We would love to be a part of your child’s journey through life and would be honored to welcome your child into our loving family.

With love and admiration,

William and Amy

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