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We’re very excited and honored that you stopped at our profile, truly thank you! We cannot even put into words how thrilled we are to bring a child into our lives. We can tell you that we will love your child to the moon and back right from the very beginning and will cherish them every day of our lives! We have the deepest respect for you for even considering adoption and if we’re selected to parent your child we recognize that this will be the most amazing and precious gift we’ll ever receive.

Though we truly do not understand what you are going through we believe that this may be the hardest and most import decision you’ll ever make and though we don’t know you we pray for you every day. We can promise you that if chosen to parent your child love will never be absent in your child’s life, we will protect, educate and nurture your child. We will also be silly, fun, firm and compassionate with them. We will lead by example and teach that all things happen for a reason and for them to respect your decision, love you for giving them life and for bringing us all together.

We have been blessed in so many ways. We were so lucky to find each other 16 years ago despite growing up on opposite sides of the world, because of this we truly believe in fate and that there is a bigger plan for us. We’ve been married for almost 14 years and these years have been filled with love, laughter, happiness, support and adventure that we feel fortunate to have experienced. We truly enjoy spending time together and we’re each other’s best friend. We have a beautiful family and friends that feel more like family, and we’re so lucky to have all of their children in our life. We love these children unconditionally and therefore we know without any doubt that we will love your child from the moment we meet.

We’re both very lucky to have jobs that we love, which allows us to feel challenged and fulfilled. Nick runs his owns landscape design company, every day he works to make our world a more beautiful place. Melissa manages a group of talented people running a business for a Fortune 500 company, every day brings new challenges and allows her to be creative and strategize for success. We both have a lot of flexibility in our jobs, Nick sets his own schedule as a business owner and is home full-time four months in the winter and Melissa works from home with a flexible schedule. We will be present for every milestone, there won’t be a dance class or t-ball game missed!

Our path in life has led us to a point that we’re ready and well prepared for a child in our lives. Even though we don’t have children today, our life is surrounded by the children we love. Not a week goes by that we’re not engaging with them and we go out of our way to spend time with them. Our home has become a favorite for kids, in both the summer and winter, and that fills our hearts with a lot of happiness. Vacations that we plan are focused around children and our home was built for a family not just us. With open arms we are ready to welcome a child into all aspects of our life.

We would welcome the opportunity for you to get to know us further. Please know that we’re open to communication even if adoption is something you’re just considering. We would be honored if chosen to parent your child and we want you to know that we’re open to sharing photos, texts, emails, phone calls and even special keepsakes. If you’re open to it and when the time is right we’re open to meetings so your child will always know that the decision for adoption was out of love. We promise to ensure that the gratitude we feel for you is present in our lives every day. We sincerely wish you all the best.

With open hearts,

Nick and Melissa

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