Adoptive Family Matt and Kristy

We cannot begin to imagine how difficult it is for you to consider creating an adoption plan for your child. We know this is a decision that comes from you wanting to give your child the best life possible. It is selfless and a choice that we know comes from a place of pure love for your child. We know we can’t make this decision easy but we want to support you through this process in any way we can.

Our names are Kristy and Matt. When we met, we knew almost immediately that we had found a partner in one another. After being together for five years (married for three), our love and respect for each other has only deepened. We have learned to depend on one another as a partner in all of life’s highs and lows. We work hard to keep our relationship happy and solid - and have a lot of fun along the way! Becoming parents has only made us stronger as a couple. We’ve loved every second of raising our son and we have so much more room in our hearts for another child.

We chose adoption after discovering that we could not have biological children. Our decision to pursue adoption was one that was met with hope and excitement for the future because our wish was not be pregnant, but to be parents. We were blessed with our first son, Rowan, through adoption. We will never forget meeting him in the hospital the day he was born. It was love at first sight and an instant bond. We truly believe that we were meant to be his parents, and not a day goes by that we aren’t grateful for his birthmother and her decision to choose us to be his parents.

Being parents means everything to us. We both grew up in loving families with wonderful parents and siblings - and we want to give that life to your child. We’ve always known that we wanted more than one child. It’s been our dream since the day we met to wake up to our children and the happy chaos of a full house. The bond between siblings is so special and we know without a doubt that Rowan will be an incredible big brother to your child.

Our family is also extremely excited that we have chosen adoption once again to grow our family. Both our sets of parents live nearby and are amazing grandparents. We each have a brother and both could not be more excited to welcome another child into our family through adoption. The main thing we want you to know about our family is the enormous amount of love and support that binds us all together. Your child would be treasured as a part of our family.

Through pictures and letters, you will be able to see your child grow and thrive with us as parents and Rowan as his or her big brother. Your child will know all about you as the birth mom and will understand that adoption was a choice you made out of love and that when you chose us as parents, you also gave us our dream of a family.

We thank you so much for considering us as part of your adoption plan and we hope to meet you soon.


Matt and Kristy

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