Adoptive Family Robert and Holly
Holly has waited many years to be a mother, and Robert, well he has a custom cape and t-shirt proclaiming him as Super Dad! Though we are not able to have a biological child together, we made the decision to adopt after much prayer and soul searching. We believe that God sent us here to love this child and we find grace in that purpose. We will love this child deeply and we both believe that all children are children of God.

A little about Robert - after serving our country in the Army, he met his first wife and settled in San Diego where, as a family, they were dedicated to raising his step son Dylan and step daughter Mackenzie. Though the marriage eventually ended in divorce, his love and commitment for Dylan and Mackenzie continued. And to this day, both children are very much a part of our lives. Dylan starts his freshman year at the University of California Santa Barbara this year, and Mackenzie is a senior in high school where she is also part of the varsity gymnastics team. Robert now works in a government job and spends his free time fishing off the coast of San Diego and playing golf. He is extremely excited about the possibility of another child to share life with.

Holly is a San Diego native, and works in Human Resources for a San Diego company. Though Holly has been very social in the local Christian/church community, she still prefers a quiet life and evenings spent at home. Holly has spent many years hoping and praying to have a family. As a mom, she will ensure this child’s dreams are encouraged and pursued. Holly believes being chosen to be the parents of a child would be the greatest gift; this child will truly be loved.

We have been together for 4 ½ years and married for 2 ½ years. We feel as though God had a unique plan for us as individuals first, but then brought us together over a simple smile. While no relationship or marriage is perfect, we feel we are perfect for each other. We share a deep love for one another and commitment to our family together. Our relationship is full of fun, laughter, romance, and life’s challenges.

We are healthy, financially stable, have an incredible group of friends, and have loving supporting families. We value each other’s good sense of humor, adventurous nature, love, and most importantly our faith. We believe adopting this child is what God has chosen for us, and we will truly experience what it means to love and have faith.

You are the inspiration in the next chapter of our story. We understand your decision to consider adoption did not come easily, and we know your decision is based on love. We want to give you the comfort in knowing that this child will be loved in the way you envisioned. We will always honor you and your decision by making sure this child knows your love, your sacrifice, and how much you blessed us. We promise to share photos, letters, emails, phone calls, etc., so that you know your child’s story.

Thank you for considering us as parents. We know you have difficult decisions ahead of you, and please know you will be in our prayers as we go through this journey together.

Much Love,

Robert and Holly

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