Adoptive Family Cameron and Natasha

Thank you for your interest in learning more about us and considering us to possibly parent your child.

We live in a large city in Southern California and have been together for 13 years and married for 10 of those years. We have had many years of happiness and joy with each other and have also known times of challenge. We have built a relationship on friendship, mutual respect, and knowing how to balance each others strengths and weaknesses. We have been looking forward to adding to our family over the last 7 years and because of that, we couldn't be more appreciative and excited at the thought of creating our family through adoption.

The first time we started talking about having children, adoption was always something that we wanted to pursue. Our lives have been personally touched by adoption as Cameron was adopted by his father at the age of three. Because of our own experience with adoption we are both dedicated to creating an open environment surrounding our journey to become a family. We are committed to having a child grow with the knowledge and understanding of how our family came to be.

We know that you have or will read a lot of these while trying to decide how to move forward. Truthfully, we understand that there isn't much that we could say that could ease your pain or make a decision any easier. Even as we worked to get to this point, there was nothing that anyone could have said to ease our own pain or assure us that all would turn out as we envisioned it.

At the time of writing this to you, we haven't gone active with our agency and could be months off from even knowing of you, but we think of you often. We wonder where you will come from, what your life has been like, what hopes you have for the future. It is in those moments that we know what we would like to say to you.

We hope that out of whatever decision you make, you do your best; whatever that looks like to you.

We hope that you are provided with and take opportunities to be the best version of yourself.

We hope that you have the support around you to help you make a decision for what is best for you and your child.

We hope that you pursue your dreams, find your own truth, and experience moments that confirm to you that whatever decision you have made, was the best one.

If you do decide to move forward with plans for adoption and our paths happen to cross, know that we want this child to know that your decision was made out of love and sacrifice. We will do our best to honor the choice you made and ensure that we fill their life with the same love and sacrifice from us every day.

We wish you the best,

Cameron and Natasha

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