Adoptive Family Kasey and Christina
We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be parents. We are honored that you are taking the time to read more about us.

We met 11 years ago at the University of Idaho in racquetball class. Christina was the only female in the class and was immediately intimidated. However, another student offered her a seat next to him on a bench during roll call – it was Kasey. This immediately eased Christina’s mind and she was able to enjoy the class – in fact, she may even tell you it was her favorite class! We became racquetball partner, started running and exercising together and eventually started dating. We got married in Post Falls, Idaho on July 11, 2009. Since this time, we have made several moves together including Alaska, Iowa and Maine.

We love adventures and exploring the world. We feel this is best done by spending time outdoors and traveling. We hike, run, and bike in the summer and cross-country ski, bike, and snowshoe during the winter. Traveling is one of our passions. We have traveled to many different states and countries. We have explored Belize, the Mediterranean, Mexico, Guatemala, Germany, Canada, Alaska, Maine, and Idaho, along with several other destinations over the past 11 years. We enjoy learning about new cultures, tasting new food, and seeing new landscapes. We have multiple family gatherings throughout the year, and we are always delighted to spend time with family.

While living in Maine we have enjoyed exploring Canada and the Maine Coast and have spent several hours hiking through the great forests of Maine. We spend time with our dogs by swimming, running or throwing tennis balls for them. Our two cats are always willing to cuddle with us on a couch in the evenings or on rainy days. We have been looking forward to adding a child to our family and teaching them our love for the outdoors, inspiring in them a sense of adventure and allowing them to have a curiosity to explore the world.

Since the time we met, we have discussed adoption. Christina’s sister adopted two children, which has been life-changing for us. We knew upon meeting her adopted children for the first time as infants that we too wanted to adopt. We look forward to learning about our child’s birth family and having as much contact as desired by the birth family. We will share letters, pictures, emails and visits with the child.

Parenting is something we have desired for a very long time. We are ecstatic to start a new path in our marriage and life together. We love children and look forward to every minute that we spend with our nieces and nephews. We cannot put into words just how excited we are to have a child of our own. Our families are waiting with great anticipation for a new grandchild, niece or nephew, and cousin.

We have enjoyed our time together over the past 11 years and are ready for our next great adventure – Parenting! We are prepared to share our love, be role models, support, provide education, co-parent and spend time with our child exploring and learning about the world. Adoption will make this possible for us. We wait with open arms for a child to become part of our family.


Kasey and Christina

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