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Adoption is the greatest gift we will ever receive. We are overwhelmed with different emotions as we go through this process, but our greatest feeling is one of profound gratitude. If we are blessed to be chosen as your child's adoptive parents, we look forward to a lifelong connection with you in whatever form you'd like. It is our deepest promise to you that we will love your child with our whole hearts and that we will always honor you. Thank you for taking a look at our profile. We hope that our words, photos and video will give you a glimpse into our lives and who we truly are.

We have been married for four years and together for six. After struggling with Unexplained Infertility and a brief attempt at IVF, we quickly chose to move forward with our dreams to adopt. A year later we were blessed to be chosen as adoptive parents. We can't imagine not having our daughter in our lives. We pray that we can welcome another baby into our family and we dream of the moment when we first meet and become a family of four. We deeply feel that our family is not yet complete and that we have so much more love to give.

As we begin the process of adopting a second child, we look back and remember our first experience. When we got the call that we had been chosen by a birth mom, we were ecstatic! We spent the next day driving through a snowstorm to arrive just as Piper Olivia was born. We were nervous, excited, scared. Will the birth mom like us? Will she feel like she has made the best decision for her baby once she meets us? How can we possibly convey our love and gratitude?

The experience of spending several days in the hospital with Piper's birth mom, grandmother and older sister was one that words cannot do justice. With everyone being nervous to meet, we were relieved when the conversation flowed and we developed a connection. We cried both tears of joy and grief. It is difficult to explain having such opposite emotions about an experience. We were overwhelmed with happiness for the gift of a precious baby. But, we were grieving for Piper's birth mom and the incredible loss she was feeling. It was and remains impossible for us to understand the experience of entrusting your child's life to near perfect strangers. We do not have words for the love and gratitude we feel. It is an incredible privilege to be chosen to parent a child.

We want to share a brief glimpse into what we are able to give a child. We are a happy, affectionate, stable family and one that is financially secure. We as parents share equally in all of the jobs involved with raising a family and believe it is vitally important to model a healthy and loving relationship for our children. We will provide an excellent education in private schools K-12, and will fully fund the college of their choosing. We will travel and see as much of the world as possible! Seeing the United States and visiting countries around the world is a passion we want to share with our children.

Early on, we will go to activities like playgroups, music, gym and swim classes, story-time at the library and trips to parks and playgrounds. Your child will grow up having close relationships with grandparents, will develop a strong faith and a desire to help others. We are a family where birthdays and holidays are big deals! As time goes on, we will support whatever interests a child develops: sports, dance, summer camp, etc! We promise to always give your child our best and will support them as they reach for their dreams.

We look forward to growing our family and to our children having a sibling to share the experience of adoption. We thank you for considering an adoption plan for your child and are grateful that you may consider us to be adoptive parents. Becoming a family of four will be the most incredible gift. Thank you!


Mark and Stacey

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