Adoptive Family Josh and Laurence
For us, even your consideration is an honor. Please know most of all that we want the same thing that you want; the very best for this child. If you think that might be with us, we invite you to get to know us better.

We have been together for six exciting and wonderful years, and we have been married for over four. We met in Haiti, moved for a time to Washington, D.C., and now live in the Midwest, where Laurence is a pediatric resident (a practicing Pediatrician). We are deeply in love with each other, and with our son Benjamin, and we know that the time is right for us to expand our family through another adoption.

Both of us are the oldest children in our families and were involved in the care of our younger siblings. Since then, and until now, we both love spending time with children. Whether family or friends, Laurence is always the first one at any event to pick up the baby, and Josh to joke around with the kids. We had always wanted to be parents as soon as we were in a position to give them everything they need, and we are overjoyed to finally be parents. Adopting our son Benjamin is the best thing to happen to us, and we are so excited that he will soon have a brother or a sister to grow up with. We are fully aware of what it means to be responsible for raising a second child, and we are prepared to give everything that we have. We are extremely excited to open our hearts to a new soul, and for our son to meet his new sibling, and for both of these children to have someone close in age with whom to share their childhood.

We know that you are facing a monumental decision. We know also of course that we cannot make that decision any easier for you. We can only promise you that we will do everything in our power to give this baby the best life that we possibly can. We will focus on making sure that this child grows into the person that he or she was meant to be. We will provide love, education, family, values and financial stability. This child will grow up speaking the four languages that we share (English, French, Spanish, and Haitian Creole), and will travel with us on adventures around the world. We will encourage their natural talents and ensure that they have both the chance to discover their dreams and every resource and opportunity to achieve them.

We believe that you will always be a part of who this baby is, and he or she will be told that you made a difficult and brave decision to based on what is best for them. They will learn about you as someone who, like both of us, wanted them to have the best possible life. We look forward to sending you letters and pictures as this baby grows up, and we are also open to more contact if it makes sense for you, us, and most importantly for the child. This could include phone calls and emails, and even future visits.

Thank you so much for considering us. Though we know it is extremely difficult, we truly believe that you will make the right choice. If it is not with us, we wish you the absolute best. If you do choose us, we can not wait to begin this journey, and we recognize that it will not be possible without you, and we will be forever grateful.


Josh and Laurence

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