Adoptive Family Jon and Matt

With great compassion, we understand that your decision of choosing adoption for your child’s future is not easy. We feel honored that you are considering us to be there for this child, committed with unconditional love, understanding, and support for the rest or our lives. Thank you.

Having been together for six years and married for over three years, we have always wanted to build our family through adoption. Understanding that loving unconditionally is the foundation for any relationship, we take great pride in the love we share together and for family and friends. We have been planning for years to complete our education, start careers, and establish family financial well-being to fully be able to support a growing family.

Living in a close community, we have the unique opportunity to interact with children of all ages often. Neighbor kids love to stop over for a glass of water or a healthy snack. We have also been trusted by family members and friends to watch their children for as long as a week. We love these long-term interactions where we have the opportunity to experience full-time parenting. The love and joy that we shared during these experiences have solidified our desire to become parents.

Another parenting pre-test for us has been raising our two dogs. They are wonderful loving Yorkies who have taught us additional responsibility and patience. Perhaps not as complex as a child, they need to be fed, played with, and bathed. We have cared for the dogs when they have been sick through the night, get up early when they need to go out, and are always cognizant of their needs. We have always faced these challenges as a couple, with constant communication and shared responsibility. We are enthusiastic that we have these experiences prior to becoming parents.

Our enthusiasm for having a family and adopting our first child has already created an outflow of love from our family and friends. As an example, our friends who have adopted have supported us each step of the way and cannot wait for our children to become lifelong friends. In support and anticipation, we have been graced with donations of baby items from many friends. One of our favorite items has been a crib. Is has been a wonderful labor of love stripping the old paint, sanding each piece, and repainting it. We are so excited to have the nursery set up. Of course, with one of us being an interior designer, the nursery is a tranquil space perfect for a newborn.

We are excited that all of our life experiences have prepared us for being the best daddies to support and love this newborn baby. We know that this choice is not an easy one for you; however, we want you to know that you will be completely loved and supported throughout this journey. We are committed to sharing photos and letters from the beginning and throughout the child’s life. We are also open to making arrangements for future visits and video communication. Thank you again for taking the time to get to know a little about us. We are open to share anything else you want to know about us and are so excited to welcome the little one into our home and our hearts.


Jon and Matt

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