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We are Elizabeth and Tim from Pennsylvania and we thank you for taking the time to stop by our profile and get to know us a little better. While we cannot imagine what you are currently going through and the decisions you are confronted with, please know that the prospect of adopting your child is one of great joy, honor, and excitement. We are thrilled to add a little one to our family, but we will always have admiration for the means in which you made that happen. It is our intention to be very honest and forthcoming about his or her adoption and we will strive for them to understand and respect where they came from, which starts with you. We hope that the following will give you an insight into us as a couple and can allow you to imagine our household as one where your child will be loved and happy.

We met on 5 1/2 years ago and it was an instant connection. We were initially attracted to each other's humor in our profiles. You could maybe say it was love at first sight... or at least by the third date! Tim popped the question a little over a year after our first date. We were married in September of 2013 and have been living happily ever after ever since. If we may say so ourselves, we have a very solid relationship built on love, communication, and trust. We laugh a lot and genuinely love to be around each other. Tim may be the more studious of the two of us, but he is also attentive, affectionate, and quite funny. He was an instant hit with Elizabeth's three nieces and they always love when their Uncle Tim is around to play with them. Elizabeth is the emotional core of our relationship. She is warm and caring and fiercely devoted to those that she loves. She is a role model to our nieces and is a doting auntie to our nephew. It is exciting to think about Elizabeth focusing that love and devotion on our own child.

We waited about a year after our wedding to start building our family. We felt it was important to learn how to be married before we added children to the mix. What we thought would be an easy and straightforward process, quickly turned into disappointments, emergency surgeries, and multiple failed IVF cycles. All of this led to a very natural decision to adopt. Elizabeth is a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason and the reason for all of those struggles and failed attempts led us straight to you.

We look forward to sharing our love of traveling (especially cruises), reading, hiking, football Sundays and "family fun days" with a child. From pancakes on the weekends to dinner with grandparents, and swinging at our local playground, to cruising the Caribbean; there is so much in which to include a child. We live in a quiet neighborhood and have plenty of room to build pillow forts and/or set up tea parties. There is an amazing hill for sledding in the winter and a neighborhood pool for hot summer days. We have a garden to watch flowers grow, get dirty, and if we are lucky enough we may see a strawberry or tomato!

Your decision to entrust your child with us is probably not an easy one, but we want you to know they will be as loved as is humanly possible by two people (and the cat). We want you to have comfort in your decision and would love to keep you updated on the milestones of their life through pictures and letters a couple of times a year.

Thank you for taking the time to consider us. Whether or not you decide we are the family for your child, know that we appreciate the gift you will be giving to a family. We are thinking about you and hope that you find peace in this process.

Tim and Elizabeth

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