Adoptive Family Mauricio and Christine
Hola! We are Mauricio and Christine and we send you greetings from the state of Washington in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We have been happily married for over five years and although our original plan was to start our family through natural conception, God had other plans for us. After much thought and prayer, we felt God's call for us to adopt. In June of 2016 we were blessed with our first child, Matías, who came to us through adoption.

We are enjoying the journey of being parents and are ready for our family to grow. We both come from big families and know how fun it is to grow up with siblings, so we are excited for Matías to become a big brother.

Mauricio is originally from Ecuador. He is very passionate about soccer and is already making Matías a fan. He looks forward to taking Matías and our next child to many soccer games. Christine comes from a family with Mexican and European roots. Being the oldest, she was always taking care of her younger siblings and babysitting other kids, so becoming a mother has been a natural transition. She plays the piano and hopes to teach our children to play. Our Hispanic culture is very important to us and we are excited to pass on those traditions. We both speak Spanish and maintain it as the main language in our home, in fact, Matías' first words were in Spanish. We love music and always have it playing in our house. We love to travel and appreciate other cultures and are excited to take our children on many adventures around the world. We like to stay active spending time in our backyard, at the park, playing sports and doing different activities. We enjoy cooking, and it has been fun to have Matías help out in the kitchen and learn our favorite recipes.

Our five years of marriage and almost two as parents have allowed us to build a strong foundation in our relationship. We are prepared and excited to welcome another child into our family with open arms. However you have come to the decision of adoption for your child, we want you to know that your choice is truly appreciated. We have a strong Catholic faith and are praying for you along your journey. The fact that you are reading this letter and taking time to learn about us gives us great hope, and we value whatever decision you make. We believe that we are all God's adopted children and we will bring your child up surrounded by His love. We will make sure your child knows their unique adoption story and will commit to sending letters and pictures to you frequently so that you can see how your child is growing and developing.

We are a fun, young couple who have so much love to give, and we can't wait to be able to share that love with another child. Our family and friends are very supportive and are excited for us to grow our family through adoption. We have a wonderful community around us and your child will be embraced with welcoming arms and loving hearts. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.


Mauricio and Christine

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