Adoptive Family Craig and Lisa
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for viewing our profile and considering us as your child's adoptive family. Words cannot express how courageous and unselfish you are for considering adoption. We pray that our profile and this letter will provide you a glimpse into our life and help comfort your heart while thinking about us as the family you envision.

Lisa grew up in a two-parent home with two sisters on a farm. She lived in the same house most of her childhood and her extended family all lived close. Lisa was involved in athletics, band, 4-H and church as a child and can remember her Mom and Dad being at all her activities. Lisa graduated college, married Craig and started teaching elementary school. After becoming a mom, Lisa decided, with Craig's support, that it would be best for her to stay at home with the children. Lisa has been a stay-at-home mom for ten years now and loves the opportunity to be involved in her children's daily activities.

Craig was a military child himself. He has an older brother and sister. His parents are no longer married. Craig alternated between his parents but predominately lived with his Dad. Craig went to college where he met Lisa. Once he graduated college, and married Lisa, Craig began his Army career. Craig has many fond memories and no regrets as all his experiences, decisions and roads have lead him to where he is now; building a family with his best friend and serving as an Officer in the U.S. Army.

We met 18 years ago and have been best friends since. We have been married 14 years and each day together is a blessing while still learning more about each other. Military life has made our marriage a strong bond. We challenge and encourage each other on a daily basis to be better parents and partners tomorrow than we are today.

We decided to have children early in our marriage, so about a year after we were married, our son was born. Three years later we had our oldest daughter, and three years after that our youngest daughter. In 2015, Elijah became our 4th child through adoption. We love being parents and find simple and complete joy in our children every day. We are not perfect parents, but parenting has changed our perspectives and priorities in life. We strive to make our children's lives better than our own. We teach our children about God, support and encourage them in individual interests, and instill in them our family values, which include respecting and serving others, doing your best, being grateful in all circumstances, and making family first. Our family is a team, supporting and encouraging each other during the ups and downs of life.

In our family, your child would grow up experiencing hugs and kisses from siblings, bedtime stories, bike rides, park visits, homemade forts and tents, movie nights, backyard campfires, diverse friends from all over America, quality education, responsibility in chores, activities that interest them, holiday traditions, a large loving extended family, and a home of unconditional support and love.

We assure you that we will diligently share with your child the journey that led them into our family. Your child will know their identity and heritage, and will understand and feel the love you have for them as well as the love our family has for them. We create a photobook for each of our children and would like to include information from you. We will faithfully communicate milestones, family activities, and holiday traditions, as well as daily life through pictures and letters. Living distances from family gives us an appreciation and understanding of how pictures, cards, and letters keep us connected with the ones we love.

Please know that regardless of being the family for your child or not, we pray you find peace in the family you do choose.

Craig and Lisa

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