Adoptive Family Jerry and Jenelle
Hello! Our names are Jerry, Jenelle, and Paloma, we first want to thank you for spending the time to get to know us better. We truly admire the courage and selflessness it takes to consider adoption for your child. There are many things we will promise you if we are chosen to parent your child: we will do our very best to give him or her every opportunity we can, we will love your child throughout every stage of their life, and we will always honor you in our home. We also promise to develop a lifelong relationship with you, sharing photos, videos, letters, texts, and emails of the precious moments throughout your child's life. Your child will always know of their adoption story and of the unconditional love you have for him or her. As we count our blessings each day, we will be most thankful for you and the selflessness that brought your child into our home.

Together for fifteen years and married for nine, we are true soul mates that will provide a life of well-balanced support and love for your child. Jenelle's passion for children, education, and homemaking make her a super-mom. She takes joy in preparing homemade meals for our family and pride in making our house a home. Jerry has all of the traits of an extraordinary father. He is strong but compassionate, a hard worker who values dedication and will instill that in his children's lives. His caring nature towards Jenelle and Paloma will only increase with the arrival of another child.

While we never expected to struggle with infertility, it only gave us more time to prepare for our family and intensified our calling to become parents. Through the miracle of adoption, we welcomed Paloma into our home in February 2016. We always knew we were meant to be parents but we were amazed by how much love and joy instantaneously filled our hearts. We are honored that Paloma's birth mom chose us to parent her, and we never take that responsibility lightly. Everything we do, every decision we make, we do with Paloma's best interests in mind. With the addition of another child, we promise to be thoughtful about their individual needs and make decisions that we think are best for them. Parenting our daughter Paloma has been the joy of our lives, and we are very excited to do it all over again with another child.

Our family is grateful for every day. We love spending quality time together, having meals together, playing, and laughing. We also love going on day trips and family adventures within our community. Another favorite for us is bedtime, when we read books together, cuddle, and give each other kisses goodnight. Our new child will fit right into these routines and Paloma is excited to teach her younger sibling our special bedtime song. We cannot wait to bring another child into our family to share these experiences, and we tell Paloma every day that she is going to be an amazing big sister.

One thing that has shaped both of our lives is our strong relationships with each of our siblings. We know sibling bonds are like no other, and we are grateful to have their support in all aspects of our lives. Because of our experiences, we know our new child and Paloma will be lifelong best friends and will both benefit immensely from having a sibling. From trick-or-treating and fort building to math homework and going to high school events, side by side they will help each other navigate this world.

It is difficult in a short letter to convey how excited and ready we are to open our home to another child, how we will love him or her with all our hearts, and how hard we imagine that this choice you are facing must be. We can assure you that we are here to offer support in this challenging time, if you should want it. While we haven't been able to bring a child into this world, we would be honored to bring your child into our world.

Jerry and Jenelle

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