Adoptive Family Scott and Matt

Hi there! We are Scott, Matt, and Gracie - a family made by adoption. Our lives are packed full of family and joy. We'd love to bring another member into our family, and hope, that after reading our profile, you will consider us to parent your baby.

Our story begins way back in 2005, while playing for the same softball team. Over coffee one day, we realized how much we had in common- wanting to be teachers, favorite TV shows, and wanting to have a family. After working up the nerve (and spilling his coffee), Scott eventually asked Matt out on a “real” date, and the rest is history.

After 10 years of waiting for the laws to catch up, we were finally able to get married in 2015. To make the day even more special, just hours before our ceremony, we received the call that we had been chosen to be daddies! Our wedding was made even more sweet knowing that our dream of being dads was going to finally come true. It was a moment we will never forget!

Even before Gracie was born, we were no stranger to adoption. We have several friends and family who are or who have adopted. Scott was also adopted by his dad when he was just one year old. He set a model for Scott, and for us as parents, that family is about love, and we promise to do the same as parents.

We promise to make every moment count. This means family time is TV and cell phone free- truly sharing our time together. From jumping in at swim lessons, dancing during music class, or running around at the playground,-being silly with Gracie is really important to us. We also promise to explore as a family. Playing at the park and visiting local farms are some of our family favorites. These adventures together, with our best pal Lucy (our dog), make every day new and exciting! From a special trip to the beach, to daily dinners together, we treasure every one. We believe that being part of our children's lives will help them to gain confidence in who they are and see how much we love them. We look forward to making more of these memories with another child.

And while we aren’t perfect parents, we always try our best. We promise to always love, support, and encourage our children to be who they are. We will teach them there is great power in having confidence in yourself. We will not only say this to them every day, but show it to them, too.

It will always be clear adoption was how our family was built, but not what our family IS. Love IS what makes US a family. If you select us to parent your child, we promise to be open and honest about the role adoption has in their life. It is important to us that you feel your wishes are respected and your relationship is honored. We hope to maintain an open connection with you, and give you peace in your decision by sharing letters, emails, and pictures as your child grows.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family and our dreams of another little one. We’d love to learn more about you, and talk about your hopes and dreams for your baby. We wish you the best as you continue to consider the perfect home for your baby.

With love and gratitude,

Scott and Matt

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