Adoptive Family Brian and Andrea

Our names are Brian and Andrea and we are so thankful you've taken the time to get to know us. As we've traveled down this road, pursuing adoption, we've come to deeply appreciate the challenging decision and sacrifice you're facing. We hope, that by reading this, you can understand the abundant love and opportunities we will be able to provide in your child's life. We also wish you strength in reaching a decision that brings you peace and comfort.

We met by chance! We were passing in a hallway at just the right time to be introduced by a mutual friend in college. It was immediately apparent that there was a connection and within weeks we were nearly inseparable and very much in love. We dated for several years, became engaged, married, and just like that-more than a decade has passed!

In that time we've graduated college, gotten jobs, and built careers. We purchased a house that we've built into a home, explored the country and the world, and added two wonderful dogs to our little "family". We've continued to grow our love for each other and strengthen our relationship and marriage along the way. As we've built an extremely stable foundation for growing our family further, we realized that nothing had ever felt as immediately perfect as the moment we chose to pursue adoption rather than more traditional methods of having children.

We know that we have as much love in our hearts to give as any parents could possibly have, and we have never felt that the only way to give that love is through a biological birth. We've chosen adoption because we know there will be a child at the perfect time that will be waiting to be given our whole hearts. We couldn't be more excited to welcome the child that's grown in our dreams into our family.

We can't wait to experience family holidays, hikes and camping trips, excursions to the farmers' market, football games, or quiet nights at home as a family rather than a couple.

Our family and home are just waiting to grow by 2 small hands and feet. Your decision to choose us as adoptive parents is a decision we know is not to be taken lightly. Our hearts are wide open and we cannot wait to be given to opportunity to grow our family with a beautiful child. We're confident that we'll be able to provide the best possible life for our child, overflowing with love, support, encouragement, and stability.

We respect the decision you're making and can offer our eagerness to remain in touch with updates through email and photos and would love to offer at least one visit, if you're interested, in person. We cannot wait for this child to learn all about you as soon as they can begin to understand.

It's an odd feeling, to already feel unconditional love for a child we have not yet met and a love and respect for you, the woman bringing them into the world. We've found this feeling to be growing within us as we wait to be chosen as a perfect match. You can be certain we will provide nothing but the most love and endless possibilities for the brightest future. We cannot wait to hear from you soon!

Our love,

Brian and Andrea

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