Adoptive Family Cory and Angel
Our hope with this letter is to convey our gratitude for your willingness to consider our family as well as create a vision of the life we will provide for our children.

We have built a successful life through hard work and determination, have a beautiful home, and a happy, loving marriage. What is missing from our lives is the family we've always dreamed of. We were blessed to have a daughter, Elle Autumn, five years ago. For the past five years, we've talked about our desire to have more children. Due to our own experience with adoption and blended families, we decided that adoption would be an incredible path to growing our little family.

A little about us ... we were married in 2008 in Cape Town, South Africa while we were volunteering. Cory is a Union ironworker, and serves as an elected official on the Executive Board of his Union. Cory is an amazing father with an endless supply of patience and a playful, adventurous spirit. Angel is an attorney by trade, and is responsible for regulatory compliance at a mid-sized bank. Like her profession, she takes her job as a mom very seriously, ensuring Elle wants for nothing.

Neither of us were born into privilege, but have worked very hard throughout our careers to get where we are today. We have also worked hard to find a good work/life balance, ensuring we reserve time for family, friends and our community. We hope to instill that same sense of purpose in our children, providing them with the education, support, and unconditional love needed to live a fulfilling, happy and healthy life and pursue their passions, whatever they may be.

We both have wanderlust in our hearts, and look forward to sharing our deep love of travel with our children. There is nothing we'd rather do on our free time then sink our feet into the sand! We haven't been to a beach we don't love - and we've been to a lot of them all across the world. From our beach at home on Lake Michigan to our travel spots in Mexico, France, South Africa, the Caribbean, and all across the United States, we can't wait to build sand castles, watch our children chase seagulls, and hear their squeals of laughter and pure joy as they run away from the lapping waves.

We are very proud parents, delighting in milestones big and small, photographing many of our family memories, and savoring the little moments. We would love to share with you, to the extent you desire, these priceless moments, whether through photographs, stories, or keepsakes. We also want to share your child's culture and heritage with them so they feel complete, understanding their roots and embracing their background. We've always loved the phrase - "it takes a village to raise a child" and believe that the more people that love a child, the better off they will be in life.

We are humbled by your strength and courage, and our thoughts are with you as you consider the options available to you and your child. While we can't even begin to imagine the range of emotions you are experiencing, we hope we can provide some words of comfort and perhaps create an image that helps you feel hopeful about the future.

Cory and Angel

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