Adoptive Family Kevin and Nicki

We feel incredibly lucky and honored that you would consider us to raise your child. We have been looking forward to being parents for a few years now, and know that we will love them from the moment we set eyes on them. We care deeply about our family and friends and have so much love to give to a child. We can’t wait for that wonderful day that we become parents.

We have been together for over eleven years now, and married for over 6 of those. During our time together we have created a mountain of cherished moments from around the world, and overcome a host of life’s challenges. We are genuine people who aren’t afraid to be goofballs, with a relationship grounded in honesty, openness and above all, love. We believe in learning about, and trying new things; allowing ourselves to fail in the process. We believe in friends, family, and the often blurred line between them. We believe in fun, in music, and the quiet moments in between. We believe in “moderation in all things, even moderation."

We can create delicious meals, music, and memories together -- but we cannot create children of our own. As we came to terms with our circumstances together, we found hope in the thought of adoption. Adoption has played some part in the formation of both of our families, and we are proud for it to do so with ours. We cannot begin to imagine what it is you might be thinking or feeling right now - but maybe, in some way, different paths have brought us both to same place. We recognize that this moment is a turning point in both of our lives, and we are happy you are considering us to share in it.

A child in our home would mean the world to us. We would do everything possible to provide them a safe and joyous home. We look forward to bringing them to the family ranch, to enjoy nature and meet the newborn calves. We will allow them the opportunities to learn about the world in all sorts of ways, whether it be a part of their schooling, our next family trip, or science experiments in the kitchen. We are just as excited to welcome them into our lives, as we are to meet who they become. Their talents, interests, dislikes, quirks -- every little thing that defines and shapes who they are. Should you choose us, and if you so desire, we would enjoy sharing those things with you as well; through letters, emails, and photos. It will be important to us that they know who you are, and understand the powerful circumstances that brought them into our lives.

Our writing this and you reading it is proof that we really have no idea where our lives may take us. So while we can’t promise you that your child will be the most funny, charming, popular, and intelligent kid in school - we can promise you this; they will be all those things to us. And for as long as they are willing to hear it, this child will be told that they are special, they are loved, and that they have a safe place with us. With every effort that we have to give, we will do our best to show and provide them a world in which they can thrive. There will be falls. There will be cuts, bruises, and bumps of all different kinds; on all sides. Through those experiences though, we will rise, we will heal, we will learn, and we will write our story - together.

With our best,

Kevin and Nicki

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