Adoptive Family Terry and Keri
As we sit to write this, I want to be honest... We are nervous! We have prayed for this very moment since finding out I was unable to conceive a child. We have prayed for you and your baby. It is our hope that you will find peace with all decisions you make.

We wanted to share a little bit about ourselves. Terry is a Physician Assistant and Keri is a Nurse Educator. We both are blessed to love our jobs. It is one of the things that drew us together at the beginning of our relationship. We both enjoy working with families and making a difference in their lives.

We have been married for 3 years after dating for 6 years. Each year we grow closer together. We have experienced moments of pure joy and comforted one another during difficult times. We do not have any children in our home, but love to have our niece and nephews to come to visit us.

We are both close to our families. We have been blessed to have our families within a short drive from our home. We have one niece and four nephews. We have spoken of adoption with our families and they are excited to meet our future little one. Over Christmas our 7-year-old nephew asked when he would be an 'uncle'-- which really meant he wanted to know when he would be a cousin! Mom has already begun making baby blankets and burp cloths for our future little one. Terry's family is excited for a child and our child will be the first grandchild in his family. A truly special place for this child to hold. Our child will be welcomed with open arms by both of our families.

We love attending collegiate sporting activities and have season tickets to the college basketball team from our city. We love to travel and have new adventures. We have annual beach vacations and each year try and visit a new place to explore different cultures and the history of different cities. We also like to attend Broadway plays and musicals--even if Keri thinks Terry attends only because he knows how much she loves them! We envision including our child in all of these activities and cannot wait until the day that that vision comes true!

We hope that through this profile you can begin to know more about us-- about our hopes and dreams; family and home life; and how we desire a child to love, cherish, and nurture for the rest of their life. When we are asked about what we are looking forward to most about being a parent we often make others laugh because we respond by saying 'everything.' We cannot wait to have a little one-- to change diapers, read bedtime stories, enjoy snacks after school, dinners at the kitchen table, playing in the park, and teaching them how to ride a bike. We know there will be sleepless nights and difficult moments, but even those are not daunting. We will love and cherish every moment of raising a child.

We will also welcome including you in our child's life. We know that you will always be their biological mom-- we will send pictures and are open to emails. We also would love to connect with you and visit within the first five years of our child's life.

A baby would be an answer to prayer and we would raise this child knowing we have been blessed beyond measure.

Terry and Keri

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