Adoptive Family Greg and Megan

We want to first thank you for learning more about us and considering us to be adoptive parents. We can’t even begin to imagine the amount of stress, worry, confusion, and fear you must have. Whatever reason you have chosen adoption, we hope that you can find comfort in your decision knowing that couples like us, view your decision as the most selfless decision a person can make. And we will be forever grateful for you.

Greg has been waiting to start a family for quite some time now. He and his late wife, Amy, tried having children and went down path of IVF. Then Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer and life took a different turn. Amy lost her battle to cancer. But we both truly believe that God has a plan for everything. There was a reason that we were brought into each other’s lives.

We have been together for three years and got married last year. Getting married later in life and having a different relationship than most, with Greg being a widower, we both know what we want in life. We already knew we couldn’t have children of our own so we started the adoption journey right after we got married. We both have always dreamed of having families of our own. We believe that a home should be peaceful and filled with happiness. We love spending time together and want to share our life with your child. A life filled with laughter, snuggles with the pups, adventures outdoors, and family dinners.

All of our family and friends are so supportive and exited for our journey. Your child will be welcomed with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins to grow up with. With both of us being so close to our families, we will have the support and guidance necessary to help guide us through parenthood. We know that parenthood is the most challenging, but also the most rewarding gifts and we look forward to that time to come.

If you choose us to be parents we promise to shower your child with love every day. We promise to give them a life you dream from beach vacations in the summer, to camp outs in the fall, to dog kisses and hugs from us every day. We promise to help them dream big, to be a caring and compassionate person. We promise to provide them with the best education and life lessons from us. We promise to make them smile every day. Their happiness will be the center of our lives.

If you choose us, we plan on telling your child about you from the very beginning. We want them to know who you are and not be afraid to ask questions. Their adoption story will be something unique and special. And you are someone to be proud of. We promise to keep in touch through emails, phone calls and letters with pictures. You will always be part of our lives, if you choose us.

Thank you for considering us and we wish you serenity, peace, and comfort in this difficult decision.

Greg and Megan

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