Adoptive Family Brent and Valerie

We are Brent and Valerie. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and for considering us to be parents to your child. Creating an adoption plan is a very loving and courageous decision. If you choose to take this beautiful and selfless journey, we hope you will find that we are a family that truly eases your mind.

We are a young, active couple that became parents through adoption in 2016. Becoming parents to our son, Soren has been the best experience of our lives. Our hearts doubled in size when we watched him come in to this world while we held his mother's hand. We can't wait for Soren to become the best big brother out there, and to go through this journey again.

We love to have fun and spend time with the people we love. We have both worked hard to become financially stable in jobs we enjoy. We live in a house and community in Minnesota where we have always dreamed of raising a family. There are three parks in our neighborhood, lots of children to play with and fantastic public schools. Education is important to us, and we will create an environment where a child will thrive and we will help her or him reach their full potential no matter what.

We are surrounded by family and friends that love us unconditionally and that are 100% behind us on this journey to adopt another a child. Family and friends are the most important things in our lives. We both grew up in loving families and have siblings that we are close to. There are lots of little nieces, nephews and cousins from both sides of the family just waiting to help welcome this child into our lives ?" but we think the Grandparents are the most excited!

Daily life will be full of hugs and kisses (from us, Soren and probably our two dogs!), unconditional love, making healthy meals together and being tucked in every night (after a marathon storytime from the 'library' of books we are building). We will play outside, have kitchen dance parties, take lots of walks around the neighborhood, pick tomatoes from our gardens in the summer, go sledding in the winter, travel lots (road trips here we come!) and laugh until we cry.

We will teach this child where they came from the start. We will tell them that they grew in our heart, but we are only able to be their mom and dad because of you. We will share photos, e-mails and letters with you and keep you as updated as you would like, just as we do with Soren's birthparents. Most importantly we will be forever grateful to you for giving us the gift of parenthood. We will thank you during the hardest moments and during the best moments that we wouldn't have known without you.

Please know our biggest wish for a child is that he or she is happy, healthy and grows up to be who they are meant to be. We promise to raise your child in a loving home and to know respect, compassion, and kindness.

You are very brave and no matter what decision you make, we wish you happiness and peace for the future.

Thank You,

Brent and Valerie

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