Adoptive Family Jon and Kim
Before talking about us, we first want to say how much we admire you. It is clear you love your child and considering this path may be a difficult one. If you choose us, not only would he or she be a blessing to us, but also to our son, who has been asking for a little sibling to share his toys with.

We have been married for six years and together for eight. The paths we took to get to the point where we met were very different. However, fate had a plan. All the stars aligned so our paths would cross to build a beautiful life. We have a smart, clever, adventurous little boy, who is our world. We were able to get pregnant fairly easily with him, however, his delivery was difficult and complications left us unable to have more biological children. Of course, our hearts broke. After some time passed, we realized adoption is a great gift. It is a responsibility and honor we do not take lightly and welcome with all our hearts.

The best word to describe us is balanced. Individually, Jon is a jump-in, head-first, risk taking, charge at every challenge kind of man. Kim is more purposeful, reserved, and analytic. Together, we create a balanced whole. We challenge each other to try new things, encourage each other in our goals and leave a little bit on the table. This results in a house where a 30-minute home improvement project turns into two hours so our son can help and learn. A simple dinner/dessert turns into a huge mess in the kitchen so the kids can join in (they will have to help clean up too). A walk with the dogs becomes a learning experience about showing how pets are a responsibility ... and love to chase squirrels, so hold on tight! It also means our kids will watch us do more than just work. They will see us have fun, do things together, travel, play sports and enjoy life. They will see and participate in a variety of activities, check out monster trucks, attend their cousin's swim meets, watch dad car racing, help mom paint the house, hike in the woods and relax with popcorn on movie night.

Family is a big part of who we are. Both of our extended families live within 30 minutes. Even though we all started off in the Northeast, we all came together in the same town in North Carolina. Every friend, sibling, cousin, aunt, uncle and grandparent are excited to the point of tears for us to adopt and expand our family. Everyone wants to be a part of the process, learn about it and do whatever it takes to help us fulfill our dream of a family of four and a sibling for our little man.

The goals for our children are simple. Be a good person, be happy with yourself, and try your hardest at everything you attempt. Our children will respect themselves and others. They will learn it does not matter if you are the smartest, fastest, richest or strongest. If you are a good person and are happy, that's what matters. Being socially responsible, helping others and being aware of their surroundings. Finally, it is okay to fall down, cry a couple of tears, and then get right back up.

We understand every child has a story. You are Chapter One. You will be part of the child's life and will see them grow. We hope and pray we have the privilege of being written into the child's story. Your child will be loved, encouraged, supported and their life will be full of family and adventures.


Jon and Kim

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