Adoptive Family Ted and Amy

Hello! We are so grateful for the opportunity to share our lives with you and to tell you more about us.

We have been together for over 7.5 years, married just 1! We have been committed to each other and to having a family for a long time. Our ultimate decision to get married was based on our desire to celebrate our love with our friends and family. Despite our short marriage time, we have planned to have a family together since the very beginning; a plan that has also included adoption from the start. We do not have any biological children, and although someday we may try, we are wholeheartedly pursuing adoption. We both felt drawn to adoption and after many, many hours of discussion, years really, we decided to adopt first.

We want this child to know that we chose them not because we were out of options, but because we already loved them unconditionally.

Ted runs his own CrossFit gym, where he gets to do his dream job every day. He enjoys the competitive fun with friends from the gym, but equally enjoys helping people of all levels reach their goals in fitness and in life.

Amy works as a family medicine physician in an under served clinic where she see's patients from all walks of life and enjoys getting to improve her Spanish on a daily basis. One of her favorite parts of her job is delivering babies!

Completing our profile has been a wonderful experience for us. It forced us to address a lot of questions and concerns regarding becoming parents. We were initially a little nervous but ended up having a lot of fun and received confirmation that we will make a great team.

You may have wondered why we, a Caucasian couple, are interested in adopting a child of a different race. We have always been open to an interracial family, but developed particular interest with Amy's adopted sister being multiracial (African American - Caucasian). When speaking to her about our plans for adoption, she was overly excited about it. She asked us if we could adopt an African American child and we said yes! She is 15 now and we look forward to the bond the two will share while growing our already diverse family. We know that this will also pose challenges and we are constantly working to be prepared as much as possible. We will teach our child about their cultural heritage and introduce them to others who share that heritage to ensure they have the resources they need.

The interaction with Amy's adopted sister's birth family (mother and siblings) has fluctuated with time but has been very open. We are open to any level of interaction that you need, and understand that it may change with time. Whether it's phone calls and photos, in person visits, or simply letters with updates, we are on board. Our child will always know of their birth mother and we will speak highly of you in our home knowing the gift you gave us.

We are so grateful that you are considering adoption and that you are considering us. We would love to chat with you or answer any additional questions you may have. We will be very open and honest, as we know how important it is that you be confident in your decision choosing a family for your child.


Ted and Amy

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