Adoptive Family Nick and Alvin
"Love the people with whom fate brings together, and do so with all of your heart."

It is with this approach in mind that we want to connect with you. The two of us have learned through life's joys and disappointments that it is your relationships with others that make life interesting, exciting, and worthwhile.

One of the most exciting relationships that we're seeking right now is one with a child. We long to love, nurture, and inspire our child to be confident in themselves and be a change maker in their community. Every one of us has the ability to use our gifts and talents for good, and to make the world a little better. But we cannot do this alone.

We also long for a relationship with you. You are the one who so lovingly cares for your child as it grows inside you. You are the one who imagines what your child will look like, or be like, or grow up to be. You are the one who is searching for a family who could possibly care about your child as much as you do. We want to be that family for you. And we want you to be a part of our lives.

You would be sharing your journey with a loving multi-racial family. Alvin is South Indian and he grew up in Texas. Nick is Caucasian, Irish and Ukrainian, and he grew up in Minnesota. We both graduated from college and became teachers. After fifteen years of working, Nick continues to teach elementary school and Alvin works at a local university as an administrator. When we are placed with a child, Nick will be take a few years off from work to be home with the baby.

Our story together began five years ago when we were both working at schools in Minneapolis. Having been in the education field our whole careers, we discovered a shared commitment to making urban schools better for students of all backgrounds. We started dating about three years ago and are now happily married, and living in a beautiful home that we absolutely love.

We are lifelong educators and we promise to give our child the best possible education in order to maximize the opportunities they will have in their life. Alvin nurtures his creative side through gardening and interior design. His talent always keeps our home looking spectacular on the inside and out. Nick is a singer and a songwriter. He plays the piano and guitar and has a home recording studio. That means many lullabies and fun songs for the baby! We have both traveled to many places in the United States and to other countries. We hope to make trips a priority for our family, showing our children the beauty and diversity in this world. Alvin's cooking skills take dining at our home to the next level. Whether he is cooking traditional Indian food, or a regular American meal, his food is full of flavor, spice, and his love for cooking comes across in the taste.

We are ready to take our love, our talents, and our resources and put them to use in raising a child. Our extended families are thrilled for us and cannot wait to welcome a new little one to the family.

There's no real formula for how modern adoptions are supposed to look. But, we want our child to know that they have two dads who will do anything in their power to protect them and give them an amazing life. We also want them to know that they have a birth mother. A birth mother who loved them so much that she made a choice for them. A choice so big and powerful that it will change everything, for all of us.

If you choose us as a partner in this adoption, we are open to continuing the relationship with you after the child is born. Emails, phone calls, or visits can help you find comfort and peace in your decision, as well as provide the child with a valuable piece of their life's puzzle.

Thank you for your consideration,

Nick and Alvin

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