Adoptive Family Justin and Lindsey
We are thankful for the opportunity to share with you our life, our love, and our deep desire to have a child to love and cherish. We know that you want what is best your baby and pray that we are everything you could hope for as parents for your child.

We have been happily married for two years. Since our first date, we have been inseparable and knew we never wanted to be apart. We have a supportive, loving relationship and the bond that we share is truly special. We also have a lot of fun together as a couple and enjoy spending time with family and friends, going to football games, and take joy in the simple day-to-day pleasures of just being together.

From the very beginning of our relationship, we dreamed and prayed about building our family together. Unfortunately, the road to parenthood has not been an easy one. We have struggled through unknown infertility and miscarriages, but the ups and downs have brought us closer together. We have chosen adoption with all of our hearts, and we cannot wait to share the love we have with a child. We are also a family that is familiar with adoption. Justin has two cousins who were adopted and brought up with a full and truthful awareness of their adoption. We also had neighbors who adopted children so we know this is a special way for us to grow our family.

Having both come from warm, loving and nurturing homes, we want to provide the same to a child. We hope to give them a life that is filled with friends at church and cousins at home; happy satisfaction from building and baking; adventures in camping and a cozy home filled with love. We cannot wait to share our favorite things from our childhood such as extra-curricular activities, summer vacations, family get-togethers, holidays, and enjoying the simplest things like snuggling and reading a bedtime story.

Becoming parents would mean the world to us. We are looking forward to all aspects of parenthood and what raising a child means. We will always do our best to provide your child with everything he or she needs and will strive to instill Godly character in him or her. Our promise is that your child will be raised in a home full of love, laughter, opportunity, education, support, honesty, and warmth. We will be there to celebrate their achievements and console and educate them when they stumble. We know things will not be easy, and it won't always go according to plan, but we will look for learning opportunities every day. To be able to offer support and loving guidance is something that we will gladly set out to accomplish with pride, humility, and great joy.

Should you choose us to be the adoptive parents of your child, please know that they will be loved unconditionally. They will be raised in a supportive environment, encouraged to be proud of who they are, and will always know your love is what brought them to us. We will always be grateful for the amazing way our family was created, by you and your incredibly loving decision. It would be our honor to share with you those precious moments with pictures and letters, and to exchange emails to stay in touch. We welcome the chance to talk to you and answer any questions you may have. Thank you, again, for your consideration and for taking the time to learn about us. We truly cannot wait to share our love and lives with a child, and know without a doubt, the child that becomes part of our family will be the one that God has chosen for us.

With Love and Prayers,

Justin and Lindsey

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