Adoptive Family Brendon and Dawn

Hello, we are Dawn and Brendon. We would like to thank you for taking the time to read about us and are truly honored to be considered as parents for your child. We recognize the immeasurable amount of love you have for your child and the courage it takes to consider an adoption plan. Please know we have immense respect, love and admiration for you during this time and moving forward. We can assure you we will love, support, and nurture your child; they will be the center of our lives.

We've been together 9 years and from the beginning our relationship was very natural. On our first few dates, we found we had tons of things in common. We both share a love of adventure, trying new things and this led to creative dates packed with fun, travel and laughs. After a couple years of dating, Brendon proposed in our backyard and we were planning a small wedding outdoors. A few months later, we made a spontaneous decision to elope instead of getting married the following year. We were preparing to fly out for a vacation and Brendon convinced Dawn to get married in Las Vegas. At the airport Brendon bought a wedding band at jewelry kiosk and organized our wedding in less than 48 hours!

We are always together having fun, laughing and learning from our differences. We can appreciate the moments where our differences shine and compromising through them only strengthens our bond. Every morning we spend an hour conversing about the world, life and our goals. Brendon considers this time very special to him, as he appreciates Dawn’s personal view and her keen insights. Brendon says these are some of the things that make her such a special person and the love of his life. We decided very early on that Dawn would be a stay-home parent, she left her corporate career shortly after we were married in order for us to start our family. With no success on our own of getting pregnant, we easily came to the decision to adopt as our family plan. Since then, she has remained as a homemaker and cannot wait to have an amazing full-time job as a mom.

We've always been able to communicate, provide balance and support to each other and continue to do so through our marriage. Together we have built a loving and supportive home and feel we are able to create an amazing life for your child. We are excited to introduce the world and different life experiences and your child will bring such magic to each and every moment.

In our home we will build a strong foundation of family and their adoption story will always be an important part. They will always know their adoption plan was created out of your infinite love. We look forward to the opportunity to share more about you and your story with them as well. We are open to communication and will honor your desire to know him or her. We are happy to exchange pictures, letters, texts, emails, calls and other types of communication through all types of moments in your child’s life. Our hopes are to have a long and healthy relationship with you and your family.

Please know to be able to share our lives with your child would overflow our hearts with love and gratitude every day. We cannot wait to meet you.

Love and blessings,

Brendon and Dawn

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