Adoptive Family Ryan and Jenna

Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know our family a little more. We greatly respect your courage in considering adoption for your child and we truly admire all the strength and love you must have as you determine the best future for yourself and your child. We are so excited about the opportunity to grow our family and we can’t wait to provide a child with a loving home and big sister.

We met at a local Italian restaurant when we were 15 and have been together for over half of our lives and pretty much grew up together. After 9 ½ years dating and 8 years married, we can definitely say that we share all of our goals and dreams. We value commitment, communication, trust, patience, love, faith, fun and lots of laughter. There isn’t anything in this world we can’t handle, as long as we’re together. We truly approach our marriage with love and friendship. We are a team and enjoy sharing both exciting and ordinary times together.

Even as high school sweethearts, we used to talk about how much we wanted a big family. Growing our family has been difficult for us. After losing our first child, we were blessed with our daughter. Being parents to Abby has given us more joy than we ever could have imagined and is above all, the most important job either of us has ever had. We enjoy spending time together making memories and love planning gatherings for our family and friends. Whether it is baking together, taking our dog for a walk, snuggling up with our favorite books at bedtime, celebrating all of the “firsts,” or planning family vacations, we are very excited for the future of sharing our love with another child.

Jenna is a former elementary school teacher and is still an educator at heart! She connects with children, gets down to their level and truly loves watching them explore and discover all that life has to offer. She has a flexible schedule and enjoys taking Abby to the local museum, Little Gym classes, play dates with friends and baking together. Ryan is a structural engineer for a home builder and really enjoys his job. Ryan is a child at heart and enjoys playing games with Abby, cheering on his favorite teams and playing golf. Family time is most important to both of us and we take advantage of every opportunity to create memories together.

Please trust that we will be open and honest about sharing your child’s adoption story. We will admire and honor you, and your child will always know that your decision was made out of love and strength. We would like to learn more about you and your desires for your child, and we will happily share letters, pictures, and emails as your child grows and experiences life.

We promise to provide your child with a safe, laughter-filled, loving home. We promise to support your child’s dreams and help him or her reach for the stars. We promise that your child will know that he or she is loved to the moon and back by all of us. We promise to be understanding, compassionate and honest parents. We promise to always find laughter in life and always get back up when we get put down. We promise to always kiss goodnight and enjoy our traditional cuddling time. We promise to live life with integrity and character, setting a worthy example for our child. We promise to share in the responsibility of creating our child's future. We promise to provide every opportunity to explore the world and never lack confidence to try new things. We promise to model the importance of family and teamwork. We promise to create traditions with family and friends that our child will love to repeat. Finally, we promise to love our child unconditionally and celebrate him or her every day!

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as potential parents. We know what a miracle each life is and adopting a child would mean the world to us.

Wishing you much love and peace,

Ryan and Jenna

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