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Thank you so much for the opportunity for us to share more about ourselves with you. We cannot know what emotions and thoughts you are having right now, but want you to know that we are very committed to this journey. Adoption is not a decision that is made easily, but we hope you see our love and dedication to each other and to providing a welcoming home.

We began our relationship over seven years ago on a warm spring day sitting on a rooftop deck discussing our hopes, dreams, and future goals. When we were discussing what that future looked like, we both knew it was part of our life purpose to have children. We have been able to reach our professional goals over these last several years in preparation for this moment to provide a child with amazing opportunities.

June 26, 2015 changed our lives forever. The Supreme Court allowed marriage equality for all and we were married a year later. We were surrounded by our families and friends at our wedding, which was a celebration of love and commitment. Marriage to us was an external expression of the feelings we already had inside, but it was important for us to have this bond for our future children.

We are so excited to be proud fathers and help guide our child to grow up and be a strong individual. We have such strong family support and both of our families cannot wait to welcome a new addition and spoil our child with love and attention. We want to emphasize education and life experiences for our child. We cannot wait to snuggle on the couch and read a book, take our child to play at the park, or to a local kids museum to learn about science. We think the most basic experiences of parenting will bring us the most joy.

Life is by definition diverse and we want to celebrate that. As individuals we come from different backgrounds, which help us see and interact with those around us. We want to celebrate the community that our child comes from and feel it is important for a child to experience his or her cultural background.

The process of adoption is a lifelong commitment. We plan to be open about the adoption process with our child from day one and will always continue to have an open line of communication. We want to be as open with you are you are comfortable with. We will send letters and pictures to you, and if you feel comfortable, we would love to share letters from you with the child. We would be happy to share with you their life experiences and important stages. Please know we want to be as open with you as possible and get to know your hopes and dream for your child so that we can include that in how we raise our child.

We are not sure our profile and this letter will answer all of your questions, so please know that we are open to answer any questions you may have.


Eric and Doug

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