Adoptive Family Ken and Tammy

This is truly the most important letter we will ever write. There are so many things we would like to express to you. Starting with the fact that we are so happy you took the time to read our profile! We are Tammy and Ken. We love our life together and have been married for 3 years and known each other for 6 years. What started off as friends, grew into a very open, stable, and secure love. We have been through our share of difficult times together. Especially when we found out Tammy was unable to carry a baby. Through every hardship though, we have persevered and now have an even stronger marriage.

Ken About Tammy: Tammy is meant to be a mom! She always says: "It's the job title I have always wanted!" As an elementary school teacher, she truly understands the love, encouragement, and patience a child needs to grow, learn, and especially to be happy. She has so many amazing gifts to offer a child.

Tammy About Ken: Ken is a wonderful provider. He truly gives 100% effort in everything he does. He loves making others feel happy and special. He is the father who will never miss a teacher's conference, soccer game, or dance recital. He will always put his children first.

We always knew we would adopt. So when we found out we couldn't have a child on our own, we felt good knowing we could still be parents through adoption. Adoption is very personal to us. Ken was adopted and also has 3 adopted siblings. He grew up in a home where his parents always made him feel special and very much loved. We are both very lucky to have great role models as parents who have each been married over 40 years. They have taught us about true commitment, to love unconditionally, and to always put family first. Our families are thrilled about us adopting and expanding our family. Our family will truly be a great place for your child to grow up.

When we adopted our son Finn 2 years ago, our lives became so much sweeter. We couldn't imagine how we could love someone so much. Being parents has been truly a dream come true. We knew in our hearts we wanted to adopt again and make Finn a big brother. We believe there is great value in the gift of siblings and the special bond they will share from being adopted. We look forward to nurturing that lifelong relationship.

Although we cannot possibly understand all the thoughts and feelings that you are having as you consider this decision, we do know that we both have the same goal in mind...for your child to be nurtured, loved, respected, and empowered throughout their entire life. Please know we are here to support and reassure you any way we can. We can promise you these things: Your child will know their adoption story. Your child will know they are special and important because they have two families who love them and want the best life for them. Your child will always know how grateful we are for your selfless sacrifice and for making our dream to become parents true. We promise to update you on their life with pictures and letters. Tammy will be a stay-at-home mom. We promise your child will laugh and have fun every day. We promise your child will be surrounded by love and always know the value of family.

We hope we have been able to show you how excited and ready we are to grow our family. We hope you feel a sense of confidence that your child will truly be the center of our lives. We thank you so much for considering us to be your child's parents and we wish you much love and strength as you continue this journey.

Ken and Tammy

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