Adoptive Family Ryan and Tara

Thank you so much for the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you about our life together. We are so grateful that you love your child so much that you are considering an adoption plan for him or her.

We met in high school attending the same college composition class (Ryan's Junior year and Tara's sophomore). We knew each other's names but did not hang out with the same circle of friends. Tara was extremely shy and very studious. Ryan was also school minded but had many friends through playing high school basketball. We met again at a Virginia Tech football game tailgate through mutual friends in fall of 2014. To our surprise, we both lived for almost fourteen years in the same town and were very excited to hear we had a lot of common interests. After talking for about twenty minutes we decided we would keep in touch via social media. A couple of weeks later, we went to a local restaurant to watch a football game. From there we were inseparable and were married in the spring of 2016.

We are extremely fortunate that our parents are less than two hours away. Several weekends are spent in our hometown visiting with our niece and nephew who often visit from Pennsylvania.

Our current town is also a wonderful place to raise a family where we see neighborhood children playing outside daily. The neighborhood in which we reside is very community oriented. Many of the activities are held with children in mind - including pool swim nights, movie nights, Halloween parades, and visits with Santa.

We truly enjoy living life. We love being outside, whether it's common like walking through the neighborhood or special like attending our alma mater's football game, we love the outdoors. Any activity where we can be together makes us truly happy. We cannot wait to share these moments with a child. We promise that your child will be loved, celebrated, protected and surrounded by family and friends who will cherish him/her. Though we have not met, we truly respect you and your decision. We hope in this process and after, we can keep contact through calls, emails, etc. You are extremely brave in the decision you are making. We truly appreciate you considering us.

Ryan and Tara

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