Adoptive Family Tim and Chelsie

We wanted to thank you for taking the time getting to know us by reading our profile. We know that you have a difficult decision to make, and we just want you to know you are in our prayers.

We met at church when we were still in high school and have been together ever since. We went to college together and were married two years before we graduated. We have moved several places since then and are currently enjoying our time in Colorado.

Chelsie recently got certified to be a Registered Nurse and has been doing pediatric home care for the last year. Before this, she had several jobs that involved working with kids and has really developed a lot of skills that will help her as a parent. When we finally have a child of our own, Chelsie will take about six months off to care for our child in the early stages of development before returning to work part time.

Tim joined the Air Force in 2012 and is currently serving as a Captain here in Colorado. He has a degree in Computer Engineering and works with computers for the military. The military has given Tim the opportunity to be a leader in the work place, which will be an asset in his role as the leader of our family.

We are excited to parent a child and are looking forward to the opportunity of helping our child grow and develop. We want to create an environment of love and opportunities for our children to learn and have fun experiences. We also want to ensure that this child grows up knowing how to respect others and that we positively reinforce their good behavior. We are also looking forward to the opportunity of going on family vacations to explore parts of the world. The main goal of our travels would be to create great memories for our children and us.

We know that we will love this child as much as we would love a biological child. We will make sure they know that even though they might have a different journey that led them to our family, they are just as important a piece of our family as any other. We know that it will be important for us to encourage our child to pursue their dreams, and we want to do whatever it takes to help them be successful in that pursuit. We will encourage open communication about dreams and desires and make sure our child lives a life that makes them happy and safe.

We know that one of the most important pieces of our child’s story is where they came from and who they are, and we want to make sure that we are open and honest with what that story is. We want to include you in their life and have communication available for them in whatever way you are willing. We want to send updates and pictures on a regular basis so that you know that your child is doing well and is very loved. We are also open to trying to make yearly visits work, depending on where we are living due to the military. Ultimately, we want to be sure that the child knows who they are without any doubts, have an appreciation for adoption and know it was right for them. We want to make sure that they know you did what was best for them and that we honor the decisions that you made for your child.

We are so ready to be parents and are so grateful for the opportunity through adoption. Please keep us in mind as you make a decision. Thank you for being brave and selfless as you consider what will be best for your child.

With love and respect,

Tim and Chelsie

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