Adoptive Family Thomas and Kelly

We were both raised in a loving home and were encouraged to follow our dreams. Life was not always easy nor our paths clear, but we were guided through challenges with the love and support of our family and our faith. Family, faith, and a strong emphasis on education were a common theme in both of our homes. Both of our families had a love for food, music, art, and culture with roots in Italy and Germany.

Our paths eventually crossed over ten years ago while we were both attending college at the University of Florida. After graduation, we began dating and soon discovered how similar our upbringing, roots, and values were. Five years later we were married and truly started our lives together. Now married for over 5 years, our lives have been filled with laughter, world travels, challenges, but ultimately unconditional love and support. We have worked hard to ensure that one day we could provide a loving and stable home for a family of our own.

After years of trying to conceive naturally without any luck, we sought the opinion of our doctor. We were given the option to try various procedures, however we really had no desire to do so. We had spoken about the possibly of adoption before as this was a topic we were presented in our marriage classes through our church prior to getting married. We took our mom’s advice to trust in God and pray. We realized that the plan for us is not in our hands. Over time we ultimately realized our desire to be parents is far stronger than our desire to “conceive.” We are so excited to grow our family through adoption. The thought of loving a child brings us so much joy and happiness that we know we are blessed on this path. We look forward to sharing all of the love in our hearts with our future child. Also our families are so supportive and cannot wait to share all of their love to our future child as well. We look forward to continuing to travel and seeing the world through a new light with this child. We also look forward to countless beautiful memories and all the joy that a child brings.

It is difficult to put into words the respect and gratitude we have for you, and for your consideration of us as parents for your beautiful baby. Please trust and find peace in knowing that we promise to love this child unconditionally and to cherish every moment. We will treat this child with kindness and respect, and encourage that he or she be true to themself. We will pass down values that our parents taught us: love and respect of all people and this planet, kindness and forgiveness of self and others, and to see others as equal regardless of race, religion, or social status. We will also put a strong emphasis on the importance of education, and plan to stay true to our roots centered around good food, music, and culture.

We will send you letters and pictures regularly. We understand the value of contact with you throughout the years and feel that staying connected is an important part of both you and this child's journey and identity. We also hope that these photos and letters bring you comfort, peace, and joy. If it is the wish of you and the child to visit, we will encourage and embrace this with open arms. We also encourage contact prior to the adoption as well so that you can feel further confidence and peace with your decision in choosing us as parents. As new parents we won't know all the answers and with the ever changing planet and society we can't promise there won't be challenges. What we can promise, is that we will love this child unconditionally all the days of our lives.


Thomas and Kelly

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