Adoptive Family Jim and Sam

We have been together for going on 12 years now, married for 7 years. We took our decision to start a family very seriously and have become passionate about adoption. We truly feel that we will love this baby more than the words in this letter could possibly describe. We have read books, articles, online adoption forums, and we are so confident that we are ready to raise a child and are prepared for any challenges that parenthood might present. We have not tried to start a family biologically; adoption is our first choice in starting a family. It just has always felt like the right decision for us. We are open to transracial adoption, and are so excited to teach our child about their heritage and celebrate the different cultures within our family. We think it will be very important to speak openly about race and adoption and doing so will be an integral part of raising a confident child.

We hope that you will consider us to parent your child because we have so much love in our hearts and feel very prepared for parenthood. We have a wonderfully supportive family who will help us with every step along the way and are excited about our decision to adopt. Both of our families would be here at the drop of a hat to help us with anything we need whether that be childcare help, parenting advice, or just to watch our dogs so we could get away for the weekend with our child. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful support system of friends and family and cannot wait to share all our blessings with a child.

We feel that adding a child into our lives will help complete the puzzle that is our family. We have a very happy household with our pets, wonderful neighbors, and fantastic friends. We feel like a baby will be such a blessing to add to our lives and incorporate into our hobbies and lifestyle. Jim can't wait to teach the baby to play soccer and musical instruments. Sam can't wait to read books to the baby and snuggle. She is excited to stay home with the baby and feels fortunate that we are in a position that we can have Sam be a stay-at-home mom.

We acknowledge that you will be an important figure in this child's life. We are open to email exchanges regularly and will be happy to include pictures and videos. We are also comfortable coming to visit you with the baby if this is something you might desire in the future; we also would understand if that would be too difficult for you and would honor your decision either way. We want to respect your decision and help ease your mind that you have made the right choice in picking us to raise your child. So, we are happy to communicate with you regularly so that you can see your child grow. We respect whatever choice you make and would be honored if you would consider us to be the parents of your child. We promise to always be loving, patient, and kind, as well as to always put the needs of your child in front of our own.

Jim and Sam

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