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Hi! We are Tom and Sara. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and getting to know us. We met as teenagers working a summer job and have been friends ever since. We remained friends even when life took us in different directions: Sara to college and Tom to the Coast Guard. We took our friendship to the next level in 2008 and were married in 2009. We have two ten year old dogs, Athena and Bubba, which we love very much. They are very much a part of our family, and they both love children. We have enjoyed the experiences and adventures we have had in our life so far, but we are excited to take our family to the next level with a child. We look forward to being able to offer your child with a loving and stable home that encourages education, being adventurous, having strong character, and being who they are no matter what.

Both of our families are very supportive of us and our decision to adopt. Tom's sister and her family are in the process of internationally adopting a boy in early 2018. Your child would be the first grandchild for Sara's parents, but both sets of parents are looking forward to a grandbaby to spoil.

We are excited to share our passions like travel, sports, nature, and reading with your child, but we also are looking forward to seeing their own personality grow and develop into a unique personality. Many people stop traveling once they have a child but we want to introduce the world to your child so they can see all the beauty that the world has to offer. Tom is an avid reader. We will read bedtime stories to your child and encourage the joy of reading. Tom owns almost every Calvin and Hobbs book so I am sure that they will be in the rotation. Due to our enthusiasm for sports, your child will learn all about soccer, football, and other sports. We will watch games as a family, even if we don't cheer for the same teams. Hopefully we will be able to introduce your child to the thrill of watching sports live as we like to attend games in person.

We live in a kid friendly neighborhood that offers parks with playgrounds and even a water feature in the summer. There is opportunity to play many sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, football, and others. Some of our fondest childhood memories are of sports and the friends we made while playing, and we cannot wait to give a child that same experience. Tom even has experience coaching soccer. Our community has many cultures and races, so your child will be surrounded by diversity in school and in other community activities.

We imagine that the decision you are making for your child is not one that you have taken lightly or without a lot of thought. We look forward to not only extending our family with your child, but also with you. We will always tell your child their birth story and we will speak of you only in a positive light. We believe that an open relationship with you is what is best for your child, so we will work to maintain that relationship. We are happy to send email with pictures and letters so that you can be updated on your child's growth and experiences, if you desire. We want the updates to provide you with information that conveys your child is loved, safe, and well cared for so that you can have comfort in knowing that you made the correct decision.

With love and respect,

Tom and Sara

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