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Hello! our names are Marcio and Patricia. We would first like to thank for considering us as parents for your child. When we learned that we would need to write a letter to you, we could not sleep. Our minds were full of thoughts about how to write to someone we have never met, yet who possibly holds the key to our future happiness. Our hearts are pounding with excitement over having a chance to finally have a child of our own to raise. Still, we are worried that somehow we will not write the perfect letter that would get your attention and tell you that we are good people who would love and care for your child. We want to tell you about ourselves, but at the same time, we don’t want to feel like we are selling you a product.

Our story, like many others has been a journey to try to have our own child. Since we were first married, three years ago, we have tried to have a family, but this was not meant to be. We went through some fertility treatments that were also unsuccessful. Even so, we still wanted a child of our own to love and to raise to be another loving member of our family. We have been fortunate to be raised by loving parents who helped us grow and realize our potential in the world. We know that we can raise a child with care and love to become a beautiful adult.

We each come from a family of several children and family is very important to us. Coming from such large families, we naturally wanted to have a family in the same way. Though we cannot have biological children, we still dream of having a large family and are excited to realize those dreams through adoption. Already, both grandmothers are knitting items for the baby. All of our extended family are ready to welcome a new baby and shower this child with love.

One thing that may be unique to us is that we each come from different cultural backgrounds. We love American values, but we also have an understanding of differences in culture and feel we can provide the best of both worlds to our child. We cannot wait to share both our Brazilian and Peruvian cultures with a child!

We are not sure how to express in a few sentences how we would love a child. We can only say that more than anything we wish to share our love, our lives, and our joy with a child we can call our own. We understand and are happy to undertake the responsibility of raising a child, and putting the needs of a child above our own. We know that you are receiving this letter because you are putting the needs of your child above the want of your heart. Bringing this child into our lives will be the happiest moment we can imagine, even though we realize, it may very well be the most difficult one for you.

Should you choose us as adoptive parents, we would gladly share with you stories and photos of your child, and personal visits if that is your desire. It is our belief that there is no such thing as too much love, so we know this child would grow even stronger knowing that he or she is loved not only by us, but by you as well.


Marcio and patricia

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