Adoptive Family Brian and Nicole

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you about our family. We appreciate you taking the time to learn about us as you make this difficult decision, and we want to know you to know that we will provide the most loving, supportive, happy, and stable family for your child. We are excited to become parents again and welcome another child into our home and family.

We are Brian and Nicole, and have been married for 8 years and together for 11 years. We’re both native New Yorker’s and moved to Arizona 8 years ago in order to be closer to Nicole’s extended family. We met when Brian was a sophomore and Nicole was a freshman in college, and have always talked about starting a family together. We both want to thank you for considering us as your child’s adoptive parents and commend you on your strength and courage.

Brian about Nicole: From the day that I met Nicole, I know that she was the “one.” Nicole can turn any bad situation into a memorable one by the way that she talks to you and can make you laugh. Nicole comes from a family that teaches one to have great morals and is an extremely patient person. I enjoy spending every minute of my free time with her. Nicole is a natural caregiver; she acquired this from her mother, who taught her how to effectively communicate with a child. Her mother worked in a school system where the students had behavioral issues, and she was able to effectively communicate with them and better their lives. Nicole obtained these care giving skills by being able to turn bad situations into positive situations. With her strong morals and ethical background, Nicole will be able to teach the child right from wrong. If they were to do something wrong, then Nicole will teach them the importance of why that wasn’t the correct decision, so they will learn for the next time they are in that particular situation. Nicole is a great mother to our first son Mason and knows when something is wrong. She has a great personality and loves to play with our son. I know that she will be an outstanding mother to your child, as well.

Nicole about Brian: Since the day I laid eyes on Brian, he was always making me laugh and smile. Brian loves to play and watch various sport events such as football, baseball, basketball and soccer. During high school, he managed the basketball team and was a referee for both boys and girls soccer. Brian also was a baseball and softball umpire. Brian is caring, hardworking, supportive, patient, loving, and always takes the extra mile to get the job done. Brian is looking forward for the day when he can take your child to various sporting events as well as to the parks. Brian enjoys the outdoors. He enjoys going to the amusement parks and walking the neighborhood trails. Now that Brian is a father, it has been a wonderful experience for him. He looks forward to coming home after work and seeing a big smile on Mason’s face, which is stunning to see. Brian takes Mason to swim lessons every Sunday where he learns the basics of swimming; they also incorporate sign language into the lesson. Brian is an outstanding husband to me and an amazing father to Mason. He enjoys spending time with his son and playing various games with him or reading books to him. Mason’s eyes light up with happiness when he sees his dad come home from work.

Our family, including our extended family, fully supports our decision to adopt again and both of our parents can’t wait to become grandparents again! When we discovered biological children weren’t an option for us, we spent countless hours discussing our next step to become parents and we decided that adoption was the best choice for us. As a couple we never expected to struggle with infertility, but it only made us stronger as a couple. We have come to realize adoption was meant for our family.

Thank You again for considering us to be your child’s adoptive family!

Brian and Nicole

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