Adoptive Family Bob and Aeron
We are Robert "Bob" and Aeron and we are so excited to get the chance to introduce ourselves to you. Our biggest dream is to become parents and have a family of our own to love and cherish. Please know that your child will be surrounded by love, trust, fun, understanding, safety and opportunity. Our friends and extended families can't wait to welcome our son or daughter into our lives with love and caring. If you decide to select us we will spend the rest of our lives loving and nurturing him or her in an incredible home and family always honoring the courageous choice you have made.

We have been married since 2002 and have tried various ways to conceive for 15 years without success thus we have no children (except our fur babies). We pray that you decide to bless us with the gift of life in our home and our lives. Parenthood has been the one part of our lives that has been vacant, despite testing, procedures, new advances and thousands of prayers from us as well as our friends and family and church.

Our support network includes our family doctor and their top-notch pediatricians located less than 5 miles from our home, our friends and neighbors who all have children of their own and can't wait to meet our bundle of joy as well as our families all with their own children. We already have offers to babysit and plans for playdates and trips to amusement parks and festivals together. We live in a home built in 2005, and our child(ren) would have their choice of 3 bedrooms each with their own bath, a huge park next door and woods surrounding the house to play in, 4 fuzzy sweet Labradors to snuggle with, a mommy and daddy who will love them until the end of time, top-notch schools, and extended family and friends who would give their lives for them. Their cousins will also be within a few years in age. Our extended families and friends are already giving us advice and recommending schools and picking out baby gifts in the hopes you will choose and trust in us to be parents.

We pray each and every day for this blessing from you and long to hear a baby giggle grace the walls of our home and hope you find us to be the ideal family to raise a child with love, tenderness and a bright future where they won't have to struggle for anything ... knowing we will give them whatever future they decide and support them in the paths they take. We are open to whatever communication you are comfortable with, including the possibility of periodic visits, and a kid-friendly monitored social media page with photos and updates. We know that life is a blessing that should be shared with all.

We are just regular people who have worked hard to provide a beautiful home and life. We go on trips, we go to the opera and shows, we fish and ski and play golf and volleyball and love each other deeply. We eat our supper together at the table and pray over each meal.

You are a courageous and amazing person to consider this choice and you have all our respect and prayers while you make this decision.

Thank you for considering sharing your gift of life with us and we anxiously await your decision and look forward to bringing joy and happiness to this precious child in our home and family.


Bob and Aeron

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