Adoptive Family John and Kate

When we first started dating ten years ago, we had no idea what our lives would become but we knew we had something special. There has never been a day that we could imagine life without one another. We knew that whatever challenge or struggle we faced that we wanted to face it together. This included getting pregnant because we have always known this would be a part of our lives together. We've been married for four years with four unsuccessful attempts of IVF treatments when trying to start a family on our own. We ultimately realized this past year that we can't do it on our own. We needed the support of our friends and family which we have more than we could ever imagine. But we need even more than that. Most of all we need a birth mother like you to help our dreams of starting a family come true. Our promise to you is that we will give this child the best life possible filled with endless love and laughter. We will surround this child with family and friends and create endless opportunities for them to reach their full potential and become the best versions of themselves.

If you choose to move forward with adoption and choose us as parents, we have every intention of having an open adoption if that's something you are interested in, too. We can give you and the child all the engagement you would like, by e-mail, phone, text, video or even in-person visits. We want this child to understand early and often how adoption is a blessing and that they are a blessing to everyone they come into contact with. We want them to know that their birth mother is an amazing person for giving our family and the world the opportunity to share life with them. We want this child to understand that they are so lucky to have two mommies and daddies that love them so much and will always want the best for them. We want to continue to adopt so that this child will grow up with siblings so that we can fill our family with even more love and laughter.

This child will get the opportunity to participate in any activity that interests them, go on family hikes and vacations around the world and make the best friends any child could ask for with growing up in our neighborhood. You can expect to have us as parents who spend time doing homework at night together as a family, reading bedtime stories, wearing family Halloween costumes, spoiling the kids with Christmas gifts from Santa and giving them endless hugs and kisses. We have a loving chocolate Labrador dog named Oliver who can't wait to lick and cuddle and have his ears pulled by this child. In every way, shape and form this child will experience things in life that most kids won't by exploring new cultures with us, attending renowned schools within walking distance of our home and by having parents who have a loving marriage and are especially supportive of each other.

Ten years from the day we met and we wouldn't change a thing. In some ways we believe that this path has always led us to this point of adoption. That in some ways it was inevitable and it's why we found each other, fell in love, got married and went through the struggles of IVF with ultimately realizing that adoption would be in our life. And for that reason that's why we think we are blessed- blessed to have you consider us as parents for your child, blessed to have a supportive network of family and friends, blessed to live in an amazing community, and blessed to have the opportunity to create an amazing life for this child.

Thank you for considering us.

Love always,

John and Kate

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