Adoptive Family Jon and Jenny
We do not know what you are going through currently. We do not know the situation you are in. What we do know is what adoption can do for a child through Jenny's life experiences as a child of adoption. We know that it can give a child so much. We know that our hearts are so full of love to give. While we don't know what you are going through, we imagine that this is a very hard decision.

So we want to tell you a little about ourselves. We have been together for over eight years, and married for over two. During that time we have had ups and downs, but we have gotten through it all together. When one of us struggles, the other is there to help. We encourage each other daily to be the best we can be. We are best friends, we are teammates, we are partners in everything we do. There is so much love in our home, and we cannot wait to give that love to a child.

There are so many things we want to do as well: family game nights, Sunday dinners with the extended family, playing Santa Clause for our child. There are family traditions we are so excited to pass on to the next generation. Traditions like car shows, making doughnuts on Christmas morning, watching all the best Disney holiday movies starting in October and going until the holiday season is through. We also cannot wait to take a child on trips to see this beautiful country we live in, to go camping at the national parks, to take rides in the boat during the summer. We have been dreaming for years about showing a child how to rebuild an engine or helping them pick out their very first classic car. We are so excited for the soccer games or dance rehearsals. We cannot wait for trick-or-treating through our huge neighborhood on Halloween night with a child dressed in a costume of their wildest imagining.

We are excited for the opportunity to have an open adoption for a child. Studies have shown how important it is, and Jenny knows from her own personal experience. Letters, emails, and phone calls are all things we would love to exchange. It would be even more amazing to us if we could work out visits because we know that it would be so good for the child. We want our child to know that their family is not just ours, but yours as well. It takes a village, as they say. Our hope is for this child to have the biggest village.

We do not what you are going through right now, we cannot even imagine it. However, we want you to be able to imagine what we can offer a child. We can offer a loving, stable home with a huge fenced in backyard. We can offer quality education that will help this child reach for their highest dreams. We are in a community that offers so much in the way of the arts, sports, quality play areas, and multiple libraries. We have pets that love to play with children and cannot wait for their very own human sibling. We have a big family made up of relatives and friends that all cannot wait to shower a child with love and affection. We are so excited to share the magic of Christmas mornings and summer nights camping under the stars.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We wish you the best as make some very hard decisions.


Jon and Jenny

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