Adoptive Family Alvaro and Camila

Our names are Camila and Alvaro and we are so excited to be on this journey. Life can bring difficult challenges, and there are many reasons why you are thinking that adoption is the right decision for you and your baby, much like those that have made us decide to become parents through adoption. We appreciate you taking the time to get to know us and the one thing we would like you to take away from this letter is that we will love your child with all our hearts and provide him or her with the best care we can.

We are a Hispanic couple that don’t look Hispanic at all. We are both six-feet tall, with a fair complexion that often brings jokes when we say we are Peruvian. We both grew up in Lima, Peru and moved to the United States to achieve our professional goals. Camila is a physician and Alvaro works in marketing for a healthcare company. After seven years in the US we have become Americans, no more siesta for us! Joke aside, we believe that having grown up in a developing country, having worked hard to be where we are, and having been provided strong family values is the right mix to provide your child with a caring and supportive environment.

Our relationship is based in love, trust, and commitment to each other. We met 10 years ago, and it took us very little to realize that, as corny as it sounds, we were meant for each other. Since we got married we have been through so many changes that have been sometimes hard to get used to; new cities, new routines, new jobs, it’s a good thing that we are each other’s biggest cheerleader. We could not have come this far without one another. Together we have learned that there are things we can’t control and are part of a bigger Plan for us. Adoption has always been something we have talked about, even before getting married and without knowing that we would have trouble conceiving. After trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant through a couple of fertility cycles, we are absolutely sure, and incredibly excited to grow our family through adoption.

We were both blessed with amazing, big (and of course loud), loving and warm families, and we will do our best to provide a similar environment to your child. We want to guide him or her to become happy and successful in anything he or she wants to accomplish. We will teach him or her to care about the rest of the world, to be brave, and to always stand for what he or she thinks is right. We will provide comfort and stability, tons of laughter, tons of uncles, aunts and cousins, and three grandparents that are thrilled to welcome a baby into our family. We promise to you, that we will strive to become better parents every day.

We have done our homework and have learned that open adoption provides a child with the best environment. We want your child to know that he or she is loved by more than two parents, and we would love for him or her to learn about his cultural heritage, family traditions and blood relatives. We will send you letters and pictures and would love to talk more with you to work on a relationship that makes you feel comfortable. Your bond with your child is something we will respect and honor always.

We hope we have been able to give you a glimpse of who we are, how we think, and how excited we are to share our love with your child.

Alvaro and Camila

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