Adoptive Family Byron and Armi

We are so grateful for your selflessness and courage to choose adoption for your child. We respect and appreciate that you have chosen this path. We know that it is not an easy decision but we will try our best to be understanding and supportive of you along the way, to whatever makes you comfortable in this process. We have always dreamed of becoming parents and we believe that adoption is such an amazing gift. We know that without your act of love this would not happen, so we will always be grateful for that.

We met when Byron was in medical school. We got to know each other and found out that we had a lot of similarities, so we eventually started dating. We went through the challenges of a long distance relationship, but despite that, we made it work. When Byron finished medical school, he applied for residency in Armi’s hometown, and by God's grace and many prayers, he landed the residency. Shortly after, Byron proposed, and we were married three months later.

We always knew that when you commit yourself to someone or something, with hard work and perseverance, you can attain it. We've been married for six years now and it has been quite a journey. We've shared so many experiences and have really worked hard as a couple to be where we are now. The challenges we have faced in trying to start a family have made us a stronger couple. It has given us insight on what a blessing it is to become a parent. It has also taught us not to take anything for granted.

We've realized that there are things beyond our control and that we always need to be positive and grateful for whatever situation that is put in front of us. We remain prayerful and hopeful to be able to become parents and to share the warmth and unconditional love we have to offer a child. We believe that this path happened for a reason and we are so excited to grow our family. We are hoping for a good relationship moving forward & we are prepared to take responsibility of raising your child with open hearts. We want you to know that we are on this journey together and we promise to bring up your child in a loving and happy home.

As parents, we are excited to see a child develop their own personality and to grow and experience the beauty of life. We look forward to him/her having a happy childhood, and growing up to be a pleasant and loving individual. We will do our best every single day to provide a safe, supportive environment, for the happiness & wellbeing of the child. We understand that parenthood requires a great sacrifice, but we cannot wait to dive into this new adventure. We are so excited to be parents and look forward to experiencing the smiles, laughter, first words, and first steps. We look forward to reading books before bedtime, going to the park, eating meals together, and teaching them. Overall, we can't wait to embark on the journey of parenthood.

We will do everything we can to raise your child with good values, faith, and love for family & friends. We will support them and love them. We want you to know that we will respect any level of communication that you are comfortable with. We wish you all the best and pray that God gives you the courage & strength in whatever decision you make. We thank you for reading our profile and would be so honored, happy, and excited if you choose us as your child's adoptive parents.

Warm regards,

Byron and Armi

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