Adoptive Family Matt and Marisa

Above all else, we want to thank you for choosing to give your child the gift of life, which we believe is sacred and precious. While we don’t know your story, we know that it’s out of deep, unconditional love for your child that you have chosen adoption. We cannot begin to imagine the whirlwind of emotions you’ve experienced on this journey but we want you to know how much we admire you and how thankful we are for mothers like you who are strong, brave and selfless. We are humbled and honored that you have taken the time to get to know us better!

We are truly best friends and have been married for almost seven years! We LOVE being married and we love being together in both the ordinary and extraordinary moments of life. We strive for passion in life and have been blessed to find careers that we are passionate about. Our careers challenge us, teach us, and allow us to help and encourage people every single day. We are surrounded by loving family and amazing friends who have celebrated with us in life’s most wonderful times and who have supported us during life’s most difficult times. The foundation of all of this is our deep faith in God. Our Catholic faith is the center of our lives, our marriage and our family. We believe the greatest gift a parent can give a child is to show them the love of Christ.

Even before we were married, adoption was on our hearts. When we found out that it was going to be difficult for us to have biological children, it wasn’t even a question - we knew immediately that God was calling us to build our family through adoption. For us, adoption is not a “backup plan” but is truly a calling. We feel lucky that God has called us to build our family in such a beautiful way. When we welcomed our son, Max, into our family our hearts grew larger than we ever thought possible. Being his mom and dad has brought us more joy than we can possibly describe and is truly our greatest honor and privilege in life.

When we picture what life will be like as we grow our family, we dream about the very special bond Max will have with his brother or sister. Our siblings are our best friends and we believe there is great joy and great value in having siblings to walk through life with. Having siblings who are also adopted will be a gift for all of our children and will help them learn that a family is not made through DNA but through love and commitment. The gift of adoption will be celebrated and cherished in our family from the very first moment of your child’s life. Your child will know from the earliest age possible that their adoption story is so special and something to be very proud of. They will ALWAYS know how much you love them and how courageous you were to give them the best life possible.

Our dream as parents and our promise to you is to do everything in our power to make your child’s life happy, healthy and full. We will encourage your child, every day, to discover their own unique talents and passions. We will support them completely as they pursue their dreams. More than anything, we promise to raise children who know and understand how loved they are by you and by us, but who also realize how much MORE they are loved by God. We cannot wait to share letters and pictures with you throughout your child’s life as they meet milestones, make memories and write the chapters of their life. It’s important to us that you are able to share in the joy of seeing them become the person God created them to be!

As you prepare to make this incredibly difficult decision, we will be praying for you and asking God to give you peace as you walk this journey. Please know that you are a blessing and you will always have our greatest admiration and respect.

With Love and Gratitude,

Matt and Marisa

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