Adoptive Family Clay and Laura

As we write this letter, we are imagining you and your baby, and the difficult decision that you face. Your love for your baby is shown through the thought and consideration that you are putting into this decision. As we embark on our adoption journey, we want to thank you for considering embarking on this journey with us. We hope sharing our story with you will help you in your decision making.

We met through Laura's brother, Ryan, who was Clay's college roommate. We did not meet until their graduation day where we only said a quick "hi." It wasn't until a couple of years later that we began dating. We began visiting each other on weekends, fell in love quickly, and married less than two years later. We were so blessed to find each other, and now, have been happily married for over four years.

We talked about having children before we were even married - it was something we could not imagine our lives without. We had felt a calling to adopt some day but did not know when that would be. We began adding to our family with a biological child. We were blessed with the birth of our son, William. Unfortunately, labor and delivery did not come easily, and Laura suffered from complications that has made it so that we are unable to conceive a child at this time. Instead of lingering on this, we have decided that it does not matter whether our child grows in Laura's belly, someone else's, or even in yours, we know that our hearts will be full of love for whatever child we are blessed with. Adoption had been in our hearts long before Laura suffered from complications, making the decision to adopt an easy one for us.

We feel like this is the perfect time to add to our family because we would love for our children to be close in age in order for them to play together, grow together, and be the best of friends, as we are with our own brothers. We already have love for a baby that we know is out there somewhere, even though we do not know where they are or when they will be born. We are beyond excited to be adding a child to our family - to have another baby to nurture, to cherish, to teach, to watch grow, and most of all, to LOVE!

We hope that the story of their adoption is one that our children will always know. We want it to be a normal part of their lives, and to understand that growing our family through adoption came from a place of love - the love of their birth mother wanting a better life for them, and the love we had for a baby we did not yet know. We wish to stay connected with you through letters, pictures, emails, phone calls, and eventually visits because our love extends beyond the child we do not know, we have love for you as his/her birth mother, as well. We do not just think of our future child; we think of you.

We are thrilled to be on the path to finding a baby to add to our family. We have so much love and laughter to share with another little one. We hope that you, or whomever chooses us to parent their child, finds peace and comfort in her decision knowing that we will be the mama and papa bear who will fiercely protect their child, the shoulder for their child to cry on, their child's biggest cheerleader in life, their teachers, their best friends, but mostly, their parents who love them unconditionally. We will provide them with a lifetime of the love, happiness, adventures, experiences, and opportunities.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family. We wish you well in your decision making, and would be happy to talk more, answer questions, and build a relationship before baby is even born.

Much love,

Clay and Laura

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