Adoptive Family Jamie and Lindsay
Just two weeks after our wedding, we packed up all of our earthly belongings, strapped our bikes to the back of our car, set our scrawny black cat and two spirited labs into the backseat, and made the 13-hour trek from our old home in Washington, D.C., to our new home in Madison, Wisconsin. With our parents and siblings in Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago, this was where we had dreamed about building our own family through adoption. So here we are, 870 miles and three years later, writing to you, a caring person whose own unique journey might now intersect with our own.

We met in Washington, D.C. through mutual friends in 2011 and were married on November 7, 2014. Before we even met, we had both decided we wanted to build our future family through adoption, specifically a multiracial family. This is one of many shared visions at the core of our relationship, in addition to our common values, including compassion for all people, celebrating diversity and caring for nature.

We are both passionate environmental advocates--Jamie fights climate change and Lindsay helps save wildlife around the planet--and love spending time outdoors hiking, kayaking and gardening. Jamie is a triathlete and in 2016 became an Ironman finisher and Lindsay is a bookworm, often reading books about time travel, animals and cultures around the world.

We want our children to have a life full of love, opportunities and free of hardships and restraints. We envision a life for them where they attend a pre-school in our neighborhood whose mission is world peace and social justice, and where they have the opportunity to go to the college of their dreams. We want our children to have their own little library full of their favorite books, and to learn from a young age how to give back to their community through volunteer work. We envision a life where they can explore any opportunities they want, whether those are extracurricular activities in music, sports or academics, professional opportunities, or opportunities to travel.

We know that giving our children the best possible life doesn't just mean providing financially or making sure they have the opportunities to thrive. We want our child to understand his/her full story--and that story starts with your love. We would enjoy the chance to get to know you, to support you, and ensure that you are a part of our child's continuing story through an open adoption. This includes frequent updates with pictures and in whatever form you might prefer--whether that may be through in-person visits, email, hand-written letters, phone calls or text messages. We'll follow your lead with whatever regular contact you're comfortable with throughout this life-long relationship.

Most importantly, our child will grow up in a safe and loving home, full of opportunities to explore the world, a nurturing environment that celebrates his or her identity and in a home where he or she will know from the very start the loving, incredible role that you have played.

Warm regards,

Jamie and Lindsay

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