Adoptive Family Skyler and Taryn

Hello and thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us! While we certainly do not understand how difficult your journey has been, we sincerely wish you the very best as you are faced with this decision. We are hopeful that you will find the perfect match and are happy to share more about who we are.

We are Taryn and Skyler, and have been together for 10 years. Who knew you could find the love of your life at 17 and 18 while playing a game of spoons and eating Papa Murphy’s pizza? We are so thankful for finding each other early on, sticking together through 5 years of long distance, and getting an opportunity to both annoy and love each other every day. Our 3 years of marriage have been based on honesty, trust, respect and a deep love for family and adventure.

Since we got together so early in our lives, we have encountered many of life’s obstacles as a team. Our decision to adopt was very much a mutual decision. While Skyler has grown up in a family touched by adoption, Taryn has always been very open and comfortable with this process. Seeing the strong bond between Skyler’s Grandparents and his Mother, who was adopted, has just confirmed our decision. We first started discussing this possibility early on in our relationship and are ecstatic that our dream is slowly becoming a reality.

While our commitment to adopt has been steadfast, our desire to have a relationship with our child’s birth Mother has grown exponentially as we have matured and learned more about this process. We recognize how selfless and strong you are to make this decision and are committed to promoting and maintaining a relationship with you, be it through letters, emails, or even visits. We imagine that this journey is filled with grief and sadness. Still, you are showing your child so much love and are giving us life’s greatest gift. We vow to never forget this, and will constantly tell our child about their birth Mother who loves them so much.

For our child we envision a life of happiness, love, and exploration. We are lucky to live in an active area that pours its resources and passion towards nature, children, and opportunities for children to experience nature. In our family weekends will be dedicated to hiking trips, playing on the beach, and getting outside to learn about our beautiful surroundings. As a former college athlete, Skyler is eager to introduce our child to athletics and the importance of teamwork. Our baby is certain to spend some quality time with Taryn’s family watching Sunday football and celebrating Denver Bronco touchdowns. Our plan is to expose our child to not only nature and sports but a wealth of other opportunities and hobbies. We cannot wait to see what our child chooses to explore.

We recognize that parenthood will be challenging and test us in ways we haven’t encountered. We are committed to approaching these barriers hand-in-hand and promise to always make decisions based on what is best for our child. We know the love we feel for our own child will be without bounds but also anticipate the learning opportunities and teaching moments that come with a transracial adoption. Our community is beautifully diverse, and we are committed to giving our child opportunities to explore their own racial heritage as well as many others around the world.

Our baby will never go a day without feeling valued, safe and loved. Also, our baby will never go without knowing about you and your selfless decision to make our family whole. Thank you so much for your time and we wish you the very best as you make your decision.

With Love,

Skyler and Taryn

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