Adoptive Family Kirby and Maria
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We are humbled by your decision to consider adoption for your child. It must be overwhelming to consider who you would trust to raise your child. In our home your child would be LOVED, CELEBRATED, AND SUPPORTED everyday by us as their parents and with our extensive support system of family and friends.

We have created a home that centers around FAITH, HOSPITALITY, ADVENTURE, AND CULTURE. Our love story started eleven years ago. After three years of marriage we are beyond excited to grow our family through adoption. We are blessed by God for this opportunity.

We are prepared to adjust our lives to welcome a child into our home and make that child our highest priority. Maria will stay home with the child full-time. Having Maria at home will ensure that the child will get devoted attention, love, and care. This will also allow for quality time together when Kirby is home from work. Every day we will strive to ensure that the child is raised in a stable, loving, calm, and supportive home.

As you consider the options for the child, please know that we will support an open adoption in our home. The child will know and celebrate their birth family, city, and story. We will promote positive awareness as they learn about their unique adoption journey and that their birth mother loved them tremendously and selflessly to choose to give them life. As we get to know each other, we would like to discuss what your relationship with the child and our relationship together could look like in the future. The wellbeing of the child will always remain our focus. Depending on your preferences, we can share letters and pictures at least twice during the year as well as coordinate an annual visit. I believe that we will find a rhythm that will be life giving to child, you, and us as the adoptive parents.

Your child will be exposed to wonderful opportunities in our home that will help their formation into a loving, intelligent, and respectful individual. We will promote education, adventure, respect, and friendship in our home. The child will have ample educational opportunities, and we will encourage the child to find their passion inside and outside of the classroom. We value travel, and we will take the child to visit different cities to expose them to the wonderful range of cultures out there. Throughout the child's life we will empower them through cultural diversity, helping the child with confidence and self-awareness at every stage of life. We will ensure that the child celebrates their culture and is surrounded by peers and mentors within their culture so that they can witness the beauty, history, intelligence, friendship and empowerment found within their culture.

We are eager to share this journey with you and reassure you that YOUR CHILD WILL BE LOVED AND CARED FOR WITHOUT END IN OUR HOME.

With grace and hopeful hearts,

Kirby and Maria

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