Adoptive Family Tim and Wendy
Hi, and thanks for stopping by. We are thrilled for this opportunity to share a little bit about us and look forward to getting to know a little bit about you. We have been together since the night we met in January 2009 when Tim first gave Wendy a twirl. In 2010, we got engaged on one of Tim's favorite holidays, Super Bowl Sunday and married ten months later in October. Needless to say, Wendy now loves the Super Bowl as well!

After being married for almost six years without any children, we adopted our son Finn and our lives immediately changed. We are easy going parents and our home is full of laughter and love. Finn always has a smile on his face and keeps us on our toes. We love watching him learn and grow.

We are both caring, hard-working people who love to make each other laugh. Some of the things Wendy likes to do are bake, practice yoga, crafts and sing. Tim gets excited when he sees a stick of butter softening on the counter because he knows chocolate chip cookies (his favorite) are in his future. When Tim has free time, he likes to golf (although he spends quite a bit of time in the sand), read or catch his beloved Red Sox on TV. Mostly though, we enjoy spending time together with Finn as a family. Whether we're making a Target run, going to the park, traveling to a place we've never been or even just hanging out at home, we always find a way to make life fun.

There is a ton of room in our home and our hearts for children. Every kid in our life is unique and cool. It's times like when Finn hands us a book to read or giggles going down our slide (again and again) that we grow even more excited to watch our children grow up.

Children in our home will learn that life is much better when you have a positive attitude and anything is possible with hard work and determination. Growing up, Wendy often "helped" her dad in the garage and did projects with her mom around the house. Her parents taught her and her sisters that girls can do anything! Tim spent a lot of his childhood on the soccer field either playing or watching his older brothers. His parents, along with Wendy of course, are still his biggest fans. These are just a few of our happiest childhood memories that we are anxious to pass on to our children.

As parents, we will offer your child the life full of love and support you have dreamed of. We have both worked very hard to earn our degrees and build careers we can be proud of. We do our best to make every day at work and at home a great one and hope to pass on that same zest for life to any children we are lucky enough to parent.

We plan to be open and honest with your child about their adoption story. We will respect your wishes surrounding what you would like your child to know about you and your life. You will forever be in our hearts as the person who helped shape our family. Know that once you choose us as parents, we are here for you throughout your pregnancy and beyond. We want the best life possible for both you and your child. We are committed to staying in touch through letters, photos and emails if that is the route you prefer.

We know you have some tough decisions to make. We promise the decision to choose us as parents for your child will be a decision you won't regret. We wish you happiness and luck in everything you do and hope to hear from you soon.

All the best,

Tim and Wendy

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