Adoptive Family Jamie and Meredith

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We understand that you are faced with a difficult decision, and we admire you for the strength and courage you are showing by considering adoption for your child.

We have been together for a total of four years, and we just recently celebrated our second wedding anniversary. We have both wanted to have children, even before we ever met each other, so we knew we wanted to start a family as soon as we got married. Unfortunately we found out early on in our marriage that we wouldn't be able to conceive naturally. After failed fertility treatments we relied on each other for emotional support and found hope in achieving our dream of starting a family when we decided to pursue adoption. We know we have so much to offer a child and cannot wait to share our love with him/her.

We both come from large, close knit families that are supportive of and excited about our plan to adopt. Both of our moms are looking forward to watching this child during the day while we work. We feel blessed that this child will be in the loving care of family and not in a day care while we work. We are excited for our own family to participate in many of the same activities and traditions we did as children such as family vacations and holidays. We look forward to many years of vacations, Easter egg hunts, decorating Christmas trees, and trick or treating as a family. We are blessed with not only a close family, but also several close friends that we consider our family. These friends have always supported our relationship and were by our sides at our wedding as we committed our lives to each other. We enjoy spending time with them and their children by going out to eat or playing games together.

We value the importance of education for not only academic development, but also the development of character. We were both fortunate that our parents made the financial sacrifice in order for us to attend private schools through high school. Meredith is a teacher at a private school and it is our intention that this child will attend this school for preschool through 8th grade. The school is nationally recognized by the US Department of Education as a school of excellence, so we are confident this child will be provided with the guidance necessary to meet his/her potential.

We will share your child's growth and development through photos, letters, and emails. If desired, we would be open to sharing phone/video calls periodically. We are open to making arrangements for visits when the time is right if desired. We hope to maintain a relationship with you over the years so you will be able to see how much your child has grown and how loved he/she is. Regardless of how much communication we have with each other, we will always speak positively about you with this child. He/she will know that you love them very much.

Thank you for considering us to be parents for your child. Parenting this child is the most precious blessing we could ever receive. We have been looking forward to growing our family and hope to continue this journey with you for a lifetime.

Jamie and Meredith

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